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Jenifer Allard

Jenifer Allard began selling real estate full-time on Valentine’s Day in 2014 and says, “The date is appropriate beca…

Photo of Jenifer Allard

AJ Allen

Frank “AJ” Allen began his career in real estate in March 2006, beginning as a lender before moving on to become a re…

Photo of AJ Allen

Butch Amyx

Superior service and dedication are traits Butch is lauded for. His professionalism, persistence, and commitment to h…

Photo of Butch Amyx

Rich Arnold

Rich Arnold’s entire professional career has been propelling him toward a career in real estate. No matter what job h…

Photo of Rich Arnold
Owner/Team Leader

Mike Brown

Mike Brown has been succeeding in the real estate industry for over 14 years now, including accruing much recognition…

Photo of Mike Brown

Lindsey Browne

Lindsey Browne has been selling real estate in the Treasure Valley since 2009 and brings experience, dedication, and …

Photo of Lindsey Browne

Kimberly Christianson

Kimberly Christianson’s background in real estate began in 2009, after she and her husband sold their family business…

Photo of Kimberly Christianson

Arika Cooknell

Arika Cooknell has recently joined The Mike Brown Group as a full-time REALTOR®. She signed on with Silvercreek in Ap…

Photo of Arika Cooknell

JD Cooknell

After working for several years in various trades related to residential real estate and within the customer service …

Photo of JD Cooknell

Brenda Davis

Brenda Davis is a newly-licensed agent and has prior experience in real estate working as an assistant for Keller Wil…

Photo of Brenda Davis

Sandy Doerty

Over the past 16 years, Sandy Doerty has accumulated a very diverse and impressive body of work pertaining to the rea…

Photo of Sandy Doerty

Kathy Edmondson

Kathy Edmondson began her career in real estate in the fall of 2012, after working as a property manager for fifteen …

Photo of Kathy Edmondson
Listing Coordinator

Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards worked at Hewlett-Packard for 28 years before moving to Idaho where she wanted a career change that would…

Photo of Kim Edwards

Heather Evans

Heather epitomizes hard work and integrity, bringing a personal experience to every transaction. She prides herself o…

Photo of Heather Evans
Marketing Director

Kristi Farrell

Kristi Farrell received her B.A. at Boise State University in Graphic Design and has worked as a professional graphic…

Photo of Kristi Farrell
Office Manager

Becky Fasse

Becky Fasse has been involved in the real estate industry since 1993, and absolutely loves the work that she does as …

Photo of Becky Fasse

Kelly Flabel

Kelly Flabel decided to get her real estate license because she thoroughly enjoys previewing real estate, working wit…

Photo of Kelly Flabel
Transaction Coordinator

Debra Gaillac

Debra Gaillac joins The Mike Brown Group as a transaction coordinator. Prior to joining our team, Debra worked as a b…

Photo of Debra Gaillac
Transaction Coordinator

Tricia Gibson

Tricia Gibson never planned on working in real estate, but it all changed after landing a position in an administrati…

Photo of Tricia Gibson

Janet Gohlke

Janet Gohlke has been working in the real estate industry since 2003, when she started working for a national real es…

Photo of Janet Gohlke
Transaction Coordinator

Kimberly Gonzales

Kimberly Gonzales joins the Mike Brown Group as a transaction coordinator. Before joining the group, she worked as a …

Photo of Kimberly Gonzales

Robyn Graff

Robyn brings hard work, commitment and outstanding customer service capabilities to the real estate industry. Despite…

Photo of Robyn Graff

Tabatha Gutierrez

Coming Soon!

Photo of Tabatha Gutierrez

Carissa Harley

Carissa Harley’s knowledge of the real estate industry goes well beyond her three years of working in the industry. T…

Photo of Carissa Harley

Beth Havlik

Beth Havlik joined The Mike Brown Group in 2016 after being newly licensed in 2015. She’d previously worked for the I…

Photo of Beth Havlik

Shelly Henry

With over 14 years of experience in the real estate industry, Shelly Henry has become addicted to exceeding expectati…

Photo of Shelly Henry

Christy Hovey

Christy Hovey has been selling real estate since 2005 and has weathered the market through every season. She’s always…

Photo of Christy Hovey

Nikki Jesser

Nikki Jesser has recently joined The Mike Brown Group and says she’s been interested in real estate for quite a while…

Photo of Nikki Jesser

Fawn Kowalski

Passionate and highly enthusiastic, Fawn has always aspired to carve a niche in the real estate industry. As a newly …

Photo of Fawn Kowalski

Shane Lee

Shane Lee is no stranger when it comes to adapting to change. An Idaho native born in McCall, he has lived all over t…

Photo of Shane Lee
Managing Partner

Tonyah Lee

For over ten years, Tonyah Lee has been representing home buyers and sellers in a wide variety of real estate transac…

Photo of Tonyah Lee

Tanner Leighton

Tanner Leighton grew up in the Treasure Valley and is no stranger to real estate as his parents were builders and own…

Photo of Tanner Leighton

Cindy Maier

Cindy Maier has weathered the ups and downs of real estate since she began her career as a Realtor® in 1998. She was…

Photo of Cindy Maier
Executive Assistant

Kelli Marquez

Kelli began her professional career after receiving her medical assisting certification but soon transferred to the r…

Photo of Kelli Marquez

Mark Maselli

With a Bachelor’s degree in human resources, minoring in business management, Mark Maselli has proved himself to the …

Photo of Mark Maselli

Kerrylyn Miller

Kerrylyn grew up on a ranch west of Edmonton, Alberta which taught her the importance of hard work and getting the jo…

Photo of Kerrylyn Miller

Jordyn Moreno

Jordyn Moreno has been studying the Treasure Valley real estate market since she sold her primary residence in Southe…

Photo of Jordyn Moreno

Guy Ouwehand

Guy Ouwehand has been a licensed Realtor for over 15 years. He says, “To say I enjoy doing this is an understatement.…

Photo of Guy Ouwehand

Lorin Peterson

There are few areas in life where relationships matter as much as the one between a client and their realtor.


Photo of Lorin Peterson
Productivity Coach / Associate Broker

Kathleen Reed

Kathleen Reed’s real estate knowledge and expertise is comprehensive and continually evolving. In 2004, after working…

Photo of Kathleen Reed

Diana Reynolds

With a background in Banking her transition to Real Estate was familiar territory. Diana is no stranger to providing…

Photo of Diana Reynolds

Robin Rudnikoff

A seasoned realtor, Robin began her real estate career at the age of 19. She spent nearly 15 years in the Arizona rea…

Photo of Robin Rudnikoff
Digital Communications Specialist

Jonathan Ruley

Jonathan Ruley joins the Mike Brown Group as our Digital Communications Specialist. He brings with him a background i…

Photo of Jonathan Ruley

Joel Sacks

Joel has over 15 years of sales and marketing experience and his focus has always been on building strong relationshi…

Photo of Joel Sacks

Angela Stallings

Angela Stallings, a native of Southern CA, made the move to Boise in 1994 and has never looked back.

With a work h…

Photo of Angela Stallings

Debbie Stearns

Debbie Stearns believes that owning your own home really epitomizes what it means to be living the American dream, an…

Photo of Debbie Stearns

Heidi Tidd

Heidi Tidd has been around the real estate business for over twenty years. She says, “My husband started a title comp…

Photo of Heidi Tidd

Erin Volk

Erin Volk, has been in the real estate industry for years, and has made a lasting impression on the community. Erin u…

Photo of Erin Volk
Marketing Coordinator

Aubry Watkins

Aubry Watkins has recently joined the Mike Brown Group marketing team in the role as a graphic designer.

Aubry sa…

Photo of Aubry Watkins

Carmen Wilson

Carmen Wilson has a passion for helping people achieve their real estate goals. And she serves her clients best by e…

Photo of Carmen Wilson


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