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Arika Cooknell

Arika Cooknell has recently joined The Mike Brown Group as a full-time REALTOR®. She signed on with Silvercreek in April 2018 and after completing training, she dove straight in on May 1st, 2018. She says, “I chose a career in real estate because I met someone who believed in me and continued to tell me that with my prior work experience it would be a mistake for me to ignore this life-changing, career making opportunity. I was constantly limited in my skills and abilities to negotiate the best care for my clients / patients and she told me that with the background I have I would be a perfect fit for real estate.

Arika first became interested in real estate when the market crashed and she purchased her first home. She says, “I have purchased and sold several of my own properties and assisted family members with investment property. Now, I’m part of the population who has finally experienced what it means when people say, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I have fallen in love with real estate and its many different dynamics, but mostly with the ability to build lasting relationships with others and help them find the home of their dreams - whether that’s a first home, an investment property, a last home, or any other purchase in between.”

To provide extraordinary and memorable service to her clients so that they can experience all the joys of the home buying/selling process (and none of the stress) is Arika’s number-one goal. “My favorite part is building the relationship with a client into a lasting friendship because helping others achieve their dreams and goals is what drives me and is an integral part of my core makeup as a person. Secondly, I thoroughly enjoy the negotiations in real estate as most of my college years were spent living and traveling other countries where negotiating / bargaining prices and terms are a standard requirement of life. I spent time integrating myself into the cultures absorbing all I could during those years and enjoy employing my skills in this area to advocate for my clients.”

Graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelors degree in Cross-Cultural Communications (and Bible) from Bethany Global University in Minnesota, Arika also studied at CWI for 18 months to work on her Medical Administration degree, but discovered while working in the field that she was not cut out for that work. She also took continuing education classes in marketing and advertising and is also certified to teach English as a second language (she’s bilingual, French being her second language).

Working in forbearance and hardship banking for 5 years during and after the recession and helping many customers find resources and financial solutions for their struggles contributes to her real estate skill set. She also worked in print advertising helping clients determine the best wording, design, and ad placement for maximum return on their investments and has 20+ years of customer service and client care. This helps her to know within moments of first meeting someone exactly what each customer or client wants from their experience with her, and her services. Arika says, “My strong empathy and intuition have rarely misread a person or situation. I have extensive training in crucial conversations, relationship building, and personnel management due to my previous work experience. I also have extraordinary listening skills and recall (from working and watching others in countries I’ve lived and worked in and from managing a popular coffee shop during the last years of college).

Arika has lived in her little part of Idaho for the last 6 years and has lived in the Treasure Valley for 30+ years. She says her favorite thing about our area is, “I love the small town feel to my community while also being a short drive from all my favorite amenities. I love that my neighbors’ still wave to me as we drive past one another."

When Arika’s not working her real estate business she’s actively involved in her church and the recovery community she runs/supports there. She also volunteers at her children’s schools. She says, “I’m hoping to be a team mom and cheerleader for my kids’ soccer and track teams as the new school year begins. I also love to read and travel the world – I’ve been stateside for too long and look forward to my next adventure; cook and experiment with new flavors and recipes; sit and drink coffee with friends and family. I’ve picked up watercolor painting and hand lettering (a modern form of calligraphy) and enjoy making gifts for others, singing my heart out while driving around town, and hanging out with my favorite people – my husband and 4 kiddos.”

The Mike Brown Group welcomes Arika to our team of real estate professionals.

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