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JD Cooknell

After working for several years in various trades related to residential real estate and within the customer service industry for the past 15 years, JD Cooknell decided that pursuing a career in real estate would be the perfect fit for his skill set. He says, “I chose a career in real estate because I love working with people. I enjoy having the opportunity to get to know them, build relationships, and to ultimately help them in one of their biggest life decisions.”

JD says his number-one goal when serving his clients is to create trust and loyalty with them and to create lifelong relationships. "My favorite part of the business is the people I get to work with. I enjoy meeting new people and having a chance to get to know them and what they are interested in. I’ve always enjoyed this, even with perfect strangers. My previous experience in customer service benefits my real estate business for two reasons: I learned to actively listen and the importance of repeating back to the client what they are trying to communicate so that we both know I am engaged and actively addressing their concerns.”

JD is proud that he's lived in the Treasure Valley his entire life. He graduated from Meridian High in the 90’s and is currently half-way toward his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He says, “The Treasure Valley is an amazing place full of wonderful people. Even as the area grows the community works hard to keep its small town feel and welcoming attitude that I have always loved.”

When JD isn’t working his real estate business, he loves spending time with his family (wife and 4 children), as much as possible. He loves to be outside playing sports, fishing and shooting. His favorite sport to watch and to play is soccer and says, “I will be playing in the old man - I mean, over forty league this spring.” JD is also very active with different groups at his church.

The Mike Brown Group is so excited to welcome JD to our team!

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