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Nikki Jesser , Realtor

Nikki Jesser has recently joined The Mike Brown Group and says she’s been interested in real estate for quite a while. “I enjoy the flexible schedule real estate allows with a few kids who have opposite schedules and activities. But mostly I love people and getting to know them. When my husband and I moved here we flipped a few houses and dealt with the selling part of the transaction.”

Nikki says her favorite part of the business of real estate is that every transaction will be different, every client will be different, and every day will be different. “I find that exciting.” Her number one goal in serving her clients is to provide excellent customer service and complete satisfaction with every contact and transaction.

Nikki’s previous background is 14 years in a law enforcement capacity, last being an officer. She says, "I believe this experience will help me be safe, as well as my clients. It will also benefit me because I’m a good listener and am excited to listen to happier issues rather than what came with being in law enforcement."

“I’ve lived in Idaho for a little over five years ago and my favorite thing about our community is how friendly people are. Being from Las Vegas people are always in a hurry and can’t even say hello because they would be late. Even though the community is becoming faster paced, people still have time to ask how your day is going. We chose Idaho because Vegas is not a place to raise children. My children have cousins here so it will be fun watching them grow up with instant best friends. I also like the weather, the four seasons and the SNOW! Las Vegas does not have snow, so I think my love for the snow is because I have been deprived of it my whole life."

When Nikki’s not busy working her real estate business, she loves hanging out with her children. “We do almost everything together. I enjoy the outdoors, from camping to ice fishing. I enjoy the sunshine. I love running, bike riding, boating, really anything that will give me skin cancer. When I’m not in the sunshine I’m indoors at my gym or having a glass of wine watching trashy TV. I occasionally help out in the children’s ministry at my church in Nampa and help in my children’s classes at school."

The Mike Brown Group is pleased to have Nikki on our team.

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