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Robin Rudnikoff

A seasoned realtor, Robin began her real estate career at the age of 19. She spent nearly 15 years in the Arizona real estate market and later moved to Boise in 2015. Her passion for real estate advisory and strong connections in Arizona earned her the reputation of being innovative, unafraid and an absolute optimist, realtor in the town. As a young realtor in Arizona, she successfully organized a realty exchange in the town, thus creating communication between fiercely competitive offices.

Robin later specialized in new home sales with a highly reputable builder in Phoenix and also introduced new home sales as a worthy department while working with Merrill Lynch in the 1980s. Robin quit his position at Merrill Lynch to launch an innovative new home sales brokerage.

Her passion for a career in the real estate industry came from her mother who had worked as the secretary in a leading real estate office in Phoenix. Robin’s devotion to her clients coupled with her ability to offer exemplary real estate advice has always inspired her to offer superior services to her clients. She always strives to make her clients happy and exceeds their expectations by delivering quality advice and desired results.

As a highly accomplished and experienced realtor, she looks forward to meeting new people and introducing the outstanding quality of life that Boise is capable of offering to real estate property buyers and investors from out of state. Robin holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and is extremely fond of the Boise community. Apart from this, she has also participated in fundraising programs for The Boys and Girls Club, writing groups and looks forward to popularizing integrative medicine practices and medical technologies.

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