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Robyn Graff

Robyn brings hard work, commitment and outstanding customer service capabilities to the real estate industry. Despite being a new-comer in the field of real estate, she is committed to building relationships with clients as well as maintaining those relationships through effective communication. She is adept at delivering positive outcomes for each and every party involved in any real estate transaction.

Robyn firmly believes that every homeowner looks forward to owning the home of his/her dreams, which is precisely why she is dedicated to assisting them in finding their perfect home. Robyn is admired for her potential and the ability to recognize client needs and preferences when it comes to buying a home. With a deep-rooted passion for the real estate industry, she loves to help her clients through every step of their real estate journey.

Robyn holds a bachelor’s degree in Theology and a certificate in Image Consulting. She has also pursued courses in real estate buying/selling. Prior to joining the real estate business, she worked for the beauty industry for 8 years and has extensive experience in selling beauty products.

Born and raised in Boise, Idaho, Robyn has also lived in New York City and Winnemucca, Nevada. Her love and deep sense of connection for Boise brought her back home and she is now able to enjoy again the rare and remarkable lifestyle available only in Boise. Robyn loves spending time with her sweet Boston Terrier pup, Simon, and her partner, Anthony. When she’s not out going on adventures with Anthony and Simon, she enjoys reading and researching the latest fashion and beauty trends, and dreaming about all the places she’ll travel to!

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Office Phone 208-278-4346
Cellphone 208-863-0210
Home Phone 208-278-4300
Fax 208-639-6230

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