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Ryan Petersen , Realtor

Ryan is an Idaho native and has a deep passion for Idaho and the real estate industry. Though
his parents were not in real estate they loved building homes in their spare time and Ryan would help out during the summers. Through this experience Ryan gained a love of the home building process and a desire to help others in their home buying and selling challenges.

Ryan has always had his hand in the customer service and people industry. Through high
school and college he worked during the summer at golf courses, quickly moving up from cleaning
carts to working as a caddie at one of Idaho’s finest private golf courses; Huntsman Springs.

Ryan attended college at Brigham Young University-Idaho where he studied Sociology with a background in marriage studies and business. When asked what drew him to that field of study
he simply says, “Every industry is a people industry and not enough businesses know and
understand that concept.” After graduating with his Bachelor's degree he went to work in the
finance industry helping people prepare for retirement. Even though he enjoyed what he was
doing, after some time, he felt a strong pull back to the real estate industry. Receiving some
encouragement from his wife, he made the move and has loved every minute of it since. He
says, “This is where I belong. Every day is a new challenge where I get to build something
great, not just for myself, but for those that I'm helping.”

Ryan says “Delivering on a promise is something I was taught growing up, and you can sure bet
that I am going to deliver for my clients in their real estate needs. Relationships are important to
me and something that I take very seriously. I believe in the ‘Golden Rule’ that everyone was
taught by their mother growing up. When you work with me we may start out as business
associates but by the end we will have established something far greater.”

When Ryan isn’t working you can find him outside on a golf course, shooting hoops at a local court, or spending time with his wife and family. Ryan also loves to coach basketball and getting involved in his community.

The Mike Brown Group proudly welcomes Ryan to our team!

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