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Sandy Doerty

Over the past 16 years, Sandy Doerty has accumulated a very diverse and impressive body of work pertaining to the real estate industry. She started her career working in Alaska, and then co-ran a real estate company with her husband, Brian, for 5 years in New Mexico. During this time, Sandy worked with investors, first time buyers, new construction projects, and practically every other type of real estate transaction you can imagine.

Sandy received her Bachelor’s degree in art from Western State College of Colorado, with a minor in psychology. To this day, she uses her training, education, and experience to be part adviser, part sales person, part negotiator, and part counselor to each of her real estate clients. Sandy loves working closely with people, and hopes to provide service so satisfactory that her clients feel confident when recommending her assistance to their friends and loved ones.

Sandy has lived in Boise for ten years now, and loves volunteering at her children’s school donating to service organizations, and being a leader of Vertigals, which is a women’s ski group that meets weekly for skiing fellowship at Bogus Basin. When she is not helping people find new homes, she is gardening, skiing, cooking, or traveling.

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Office Phone 208-278-4386
Cellphone 208-761-1117
Home Phone 208-278-4300
Fax 208-639-6230

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