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Summer is quickly approaching. The month of May is the perfect time to deep clean your home in preparation for the busyness that summer brings. Here are a few easy tips to get you started:


Cleaning blinds can be one of the most time-consuming tasks of deep cleaning. Not everyone has a feather duster on hand. Make your own by simply wrapping two microfiber cloths over a pair of tongs and securing each end with a rubber band. Your blinds will be dust-free in no time with this homemade tool. If you don’t want to clean your blinds yourself, consider a local cleaning company that specializes in blinds like Window Wizard Window & Blind Cleaning. They’ll come to your house, remove your blinds, and take them to be cleaned within their mobile

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This year, the workmanship of 39 builders on 40 unique homes will be showcased during the Spring Parade of Homes; an annual event held by the Building Contractors Association of Southwestern Idaho that begins April 28th through May 13th. Some of the best homes and home designs in the Treasure Valley will be on display at this free event that is open to the general public.

The Mike Brown Group is proud to represent three premier Treasure Valley builders, Biltmore Co., Belveal Construction, and Ninety Degree Construction. These award-winning builders are raising the bar on what current and future homeowners can expect in new construction year-after-year.

Heather Echevarria, the 2018 Parade of Homes Committee Chair says, “The Parade of Homes has

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An exciting new development will soon be underway in Eagle, Idaho! Dry Creek Ranch will break ground in the summer of 2018. There are many wonderful features planned for the community, but the beautiful area and its closeness to nature are definitely the highlights. Set among acres of preserved foothills and meadows, nestled just north of the city of Eagle, Dry Creek Ranch is a very strategically planned community that will recognize the importance and beauty of the nature that surrounds it. It’s a neighborhood that will have strong ties to the land, including community gardens, large lots ready for your horses, access to miles of trails for hiking and mountain biking, and an overall escape from the day-to-day busy life.

Dry Creek Ranch is a

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Every December, Pinterest publishes their Pinterest 100, a list of emerging trends in categories like style, beauty, and home decor. Since Pinterest is primarily used for shopping and planning, Pinterest gets early signals into consumer behavior and changing tastes and then determines what's going to be on trend for the upcoming year. To identify emerging trends, Pinterest's insights team analyzed search and save patterns for the past year. They looked for topics that showed critical mass (that grew at least 50%) in 2017 and trended up towards the end of the year. Here's your sneak peek at what's going to be big in 2018!

Sage, the new neutral (saves +170%): Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms

Herringbone tiling and flooring (saves +131%): Wall

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Many are wondering how this new law will affect the housing market. For the most part, the latest tax reform will boost the average paycheck and do little to harm the housing market. Tax policy changes, even when directly tied to housing costs, affect demand for housing primarily through disposable income channels. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is likely to increase disposable income for the majority of U.S. taxpayers, including many taxpayers affected by the reduction in state and local tax deductibility. The U.S. Treasury estimates about 90% of people will see more take-home pay because of the tax reform, starting as soon as February. 

At the top of the changes in the new tax law is the limiting of the mortgage interest deduction. Previously, a

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