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Every December, Pinterest publishes their Pinterest 100, a list of emerging trends in categories like style, beauty, and home decor. Since Pinterest is primarily used for shopping and planning, Pinterest gets early signals into consumer behavior and changing tastes and then determines what's going to be on trend for the upcoming year. To identify emerging trends, Pinterest's insights team analyzed search and save patterns for the past year. They looked for topics that showed critical mass (that grew at least 50%) in 2017 and trended up towards the end of the year. Here's your sneak peek at what's going to be big in 2018!

Sage, the new neutral (saves +170%): Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms

Herringbone tiling and flooring (saves +131%): Wall

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Many are wondering how this new law will affect the housing market. For the most part, the latest tax reform will boost the average paycheck and do little to harm the housing market. Tax policy changes, even when directly tied to housing costs, affect demand for housing primarily through disposable income channels. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is likely to increase disposable income for the majority of U.S. taxpayers, including many taxpayers affected by the reduction in state and local tax deductibility. The U.S. Treasury estimates about 90% of people will see more take-home pay because of the tax reform, starting as soon as February. 

At the top of the changes in the new tax law is the limiting of the mortgage interest deduction. Previously, a

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  You got to let me know, should I stay or should I go? – The Clash  
Should you upsize, downsize, or rightsize (by staying put)? Many consumers are currently struggling with this very big decision. Right now, the Treasure Valley housing market is a constant topic of media analysis and speculation. Everyone has an opinion on it, and many are contemplating what this means for them. In October of 2017, the median house price of a home in our area topped $266,000. This shows a 13% gain from statistics from early 2017 when the median home price in January was $235,000! It’s no wonder the housing market is triggering conversations and contemplation.
Most loans that were underwater because of the Great Recession now show strong positive equity. Selling…
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St. Alphonsus Festival of Trees (November 22nd through November 26th)
Boise Centre, 850 W. Front Street, Boise, Idaho 83702. Share in the magic as the Boise Centre becomes home to a wonderland of holiday splendor, featuring hundreds of lavishly decorated Christmas trees, wreaths and inspirational decor. Tickets can be purchased at the door: Adults - $7.00, Military - $5.00, Children (ages 3-12) - $4.00, Seniors (62 and better) - $4.00, Family Pass (up to six individuals) $30.00, Children (2 and under) - free. Click here for the schedule of events

Winter Garden aGlow (November 23rd through January 1st)
Idaho Botanical Garden, 2355 N. Penitentiary Raod, Boise. Come and see the garden's display of over 300,000 sparkling lights and see Santa, local choirs,

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