Challenges for Those Moving with Kids

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Whether you have already closed on a new home or have just started to consider the purchase, if there are kids in the equation, you need to remember something important: You will have to relocate with them.

For adults, moving is a headache to which few things can compare. The packing, the lifting and carrying, the organizing, and all of the planning that can still go "kaput" if something goes wrong with the movers, their vehicle, and just about anything else.

This means that kids are in a particularly difficult situation because they are yanked out of their routine, don't really have much access to their "normal" mom or dad (the ones who don’t usually run around trying to tackle 100 things at once), and also have to adjust to the chaos that moving creates.

This article is going to give parents and families a lot of useful information that can help to reduce the stress and turmoil that moving causes in the lives of children, and this can help parents to feel a bit better about the process too.

First Steps

According to The Learning Channel, one of the best things to help kids with the whole moving process is to actually take them on a trip to their new hometown. Whether you are moving from New York to Boise or just across a single county, you can really alleviate the upset by bringing kids for a visit to their new town. Spend a day exploring, eating at a good restaurant, acting like tourists, and walking the places you know you will be spending time - the school grounds, the grocery store, the post office, etc.

Consider Visuals

You may also want to alleviate any upset that kids have by showing them on a map just where the family is going. If the moving process involves a trip in the car, you may want to have the kids work with you to "map out" the entire route or journey. This can be fun and exciting and will allow the kids to feel that they know exactly where they are every single step of the way, and help you find your way home too.

Pre-Arrival Decorating

Few families can have their homes "move in ready" on arrival. This means you may want to work with kids before the move to pick out a few new things for their rooms. Items such as a new bed set, curtains, a poster, lamp, some sort of décor, etc. will help them to feel as if they are in control of their new space. They can then be set to work making the bed or putting out these new items upon arrival. This "settling in" is incredibly comforting and empowering.

Pre or Post Arrival Purging

If you didn't hold a yard sale or get rid of stuff before the move, it is likely that you will all be ready to toss old and unused items afterward. This is a good project to give to kids who are bored and looking for something to do. Give them a box or bag and ask them to go through their stuff and help by getting rid of the clutter now that you have arrived "home".

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