Etiquette Tips for Homebuyers

Posted by on Monday, June 1st, 2015 at 8:21am.

The process of buying a new home can be both exciting and intimidating for most people. Many who are buying their first home do not really know or understand the etiquette of buying, and this can actually cost them when it comes to negotiations and buying a property. Yet, there certainly are some unwritten etiquette rules when it comes to buying homes, and we’ll be covering those in this article, so you know a bit more about what’s expected of you during the process.

Be Honest

When you are shopping for a home, you need to be honest with your real estate agent about what type of home you want, the features you need, and the amount you can actually afford. If you don’t yet know how much you are qualified to borrow, it is in your best interest to find out before you proceed. It ensures you aren’t looking at homes that are too far out of your price range, for example. The best thing to do is to have a preapproval from a lender. This shows that you are serious about buying and it shows how much you have available.

Be On Time

When you are going to a tour of a house, you need to make sure that you can actually get there on time. The homeowners and agents have plenty of other things to do in their life rather than waiting on you to show up. Make sure that you are able to get to the meeting when you say, and if you know you can’t then call to let people know. This is especially important when you are taking a tour of an owner occupied property. They likely have errands to run and things to do so don’t hold them up. If you do, there’s always a chance that they could simply decide not to take your offer because of the inconvenience. If they have other offers on the table, this could certainly happen. 

Always Be Polite

When you are taking a tour of someone’s home, you need to remember to always be polite. This is someone’s home, and even though you might not like the purple color in the media room, you don’t have to say anything. Perhaps purple was their mother’s favorite color. If you say anything rude, you are insulting the homeowner who was kind enough to allow you to come and take the tour. If you have problems with the home, you can discuss them later. If the owners overhear you making rude comments, the likelihood of them selling you the home at a good price flies quickly out the window. 

In addition, don’t get too comfortable in the house on your tour. Don’t get comfortable in the home during the buying process at any point, at least not until you have the keys in your hand and the ink on the paperwork is dry. Some buyers overstep their bounds far too early. This can cause some sellers to rethink their decision.

Do Unto Others

Ultimately, the best way to make sure you don’t do anything untoward that could hurt your chance to get the home you love is to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes. How would you like them to treat you if you were selling? Keep this in mind, and you will find that you should get through the sales process without any trouble at all.

When you are looking for a home, consider talking with your real estate agent about some of the other etiquette rules that you may want to follow. They’ve been in the business for a long time, and they can give you some ideas of what you should and should not do.

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