Pinterest Releases Their 2017 Top 100 Trends List 

Posted by Mike Brown Group on Friday, January 27th, 2017 at 12:38pm.

Pinterest has released their Pinterest 100 list and here’s what the social media site is saying is taking the world by storm in home décor for 2017 (based on the 'likes' and pins of millions of users on the social site):
Navy is the new black

According to Pinterest, navy is the new trending home décor color for 2017. From rugs to throw pillows, to entire kitchens, you’re going to see lots more of this color integrated into all aspects of home design. This dark shade will give your home a modern and fresh vibe – give it a try!

Cozy is trumping cold and modern

The Danish created the concept of Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), which means coziness, contentment, and warm feelings. Pins of soft blankets, warm rugs, and cozy fireplaces are up 285% on Pinterest. We’re not surprised since this winter has been one of the fiercest ones on record. We can’t think of better way to get through this season than practicing Hygge within your home!
Faux marble imitates the real thing

Luxe is in, but sometimes a budget won’t allow for real marble. This is where faux marble comes in. You can implement the look of marble within your home without breaking your budget.  Click here to purchase faux marble contact paper on Amazon or click here to find faux marble wallpaper.

Moscow mules were all the rage last year and copper is continuing its expansion into all facets of the home. It’s even Krylon’s color of the year! Rachel Skafidas, Color Marketing & Design Expert for Sherwin-Williams says, "Copper is such a dynamic color that it really gives both designers and DIYers such versatility, both when it comes to creating statement focal pieces in the home or interesting accent items for an office or shelf space. The possibilities really are endless." 

Floating frames, coffee tables, and breakfast trays are some of the many acrylic items being pinned on Pinterest. This clear material is sturdy and durable and gives the illusion of depth in a subtle manner.

 Wood is taking over America

Thanks to Joanna Gaines and HGTV’s hit show, Fixer Upper, reclaimed wood, shiplap, and wood tiles are becoming a hot commodity within home redesign and even new construction. The warmth this style creates is second to none. 

Houseplants are in again

Plants are especially soothing in the winter and give us the hope of spring. Pothos and other climbing plants are easy to care for and can be a great starter plant for beginners who want to have some green in their living space. If you really want to try something fun, we just spotted indoor citrus trees being sold at the Boise Co-op, Meridian location. 

Try implementing a few of these ideas into your 2017 home decor plans! If you have any questions regarding real estate or real estate trends, give us a call. At The Mike Brown Group, we're always happy to assist you with all of your real estate and home design questions. 


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