Women Business Owners in Idaho

Posted by Mike Brown Group on Thursday, November 7th, 2013 at 2:04pm.

If you look at the census data relating to the state of Idaho you would find all of the standard details - the number of men and women, the different percentages of people divided up by their age groups and educational levels, and then you would see the business statistics. Something that jumps out at many who read this data is the fact that of the roughly 152k businesses in the state, around 24% of them are owned by women.

This remains pretty close to the national average, but is interesting because of the lower than average total population in the state. What this means is that a lot of women are out in the business world in Idaho, doing all kinds of jobs and owning their own firms.

In fact, a recent article in the Idaho Business Review said that the state is known for having some of the best programs specifically geared for women looking to start and succeed in business ownership. It holds firm at 13th place throughout the entire nation in terms of female business ownership, and in the amount of growth it has experienced.

Is it Across the Board?

Naturally, anyone relocating to, living in, or hoping to start their own business in the state of Idaho will want to know if these statistics apply to all areas of business or to a limited range of the market. The simple fact is that, just like the rest of the country, most of the women owned firms focus on healthcare, educational services, and social services.

Finance, insurance, and construction are at the bottom of the list in terms of female business ownership, but the state (and many organizations within the state) is making efforts to turn this around. As the article pointed out, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at Boise State University makes free computer science and engineering "camps" available for girls. There is also a camp run by the National Association of Women in Construction as well. The state has a Women's Business Center, and a statewide financial symposium for women is conducted each year.

Construction is the Last Hurdle

When the statistics are closely analyzed, it would seem that construction is the one industry in which not many women in Idaho are investing. However, there has been a staggering increase or change since 1997. The reports indicate that female owned construction-related businesses have increased by an impressive 42% since that time, and that means that the different resources for those interested in this industry are having an effect.

Heading to Idaho

Any woman interested in opening a business of her own in the state of Idaho is going to find an impressive range of resources. From an actual business center with every sort of resource needed to start and run a business, to free camps and courses for younger girls and women who are considering alternative fields. Because Idaho is considered a growth state, it makes a lot of sense to consider it as a viable option for a business startup.

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