Idaho Economy & Business Climate

Boise, ID and the surrounding areas boast a diverse economy, rich with opportunities in numerous sectors. Tourism, technology, natural resource development, health care and information services are just a few of the industry sectors that have been highly successful in Idaho over the past several years. Over the past decade, the Idaho economy and business climate has experienced consistent growth, although the recession did slow some economic progress. Despite the hiccup, Idaho continues to grow at a rate that exceeds the national average.

The Boise-Nampa MSA (Ada, Boise, Canyon, Gem and Owyhee Counties) is home to more than 22,000 businesses and over a dozen corporate headquarters, four of which belong to Fortune 500 companies. Each of the cities supports and enhances the economic climate of its neighbors, resulting in a highly successful economy region that provides phenomenal opportunities.

Quick Stats & Demographics

Unemployment Rate - Idaho: 6.2%
Unemployment Rate - Boise: 5.7%

Top Five Hourly Wage Industries in Boise:
Electronics Engineers $30.06/hr
Registered Nurse: $22.05/hr
Zoologist & Wildlife Biologist: $21.40/hr
General Managers: $18.83/hr
Environmental Scientists: $19.99/hr

Average Annual Earnings by Industry:
Mining: $66,873
Health Care Pract. & Tech Occ.: $65,332
Computer Specialist: $56,705
Manufacturing: $49,392
Professional & Business Services: $42,484
Secondary School Teacher: $42,025
Financial Activities: $41,604
Information: $40,959
Construction: $38,808
Government: $36,242
Educational & Health Services: $35,340
Trade, Utilities & Transportation: $31,670
Agriculture: $27,574
Other Services: $24,371
Leisure & Hospitality: $13,813

Crime Rate: Idaho was ranked the 5th safest state in 2010
Commute Time: 20 minutes, on average

Cost of Living:

Based on average housing costs, transportation, health care utilities, groceries and other services, Idaho's has the second lowest cost of living within the eleven western states. checking in at just 94.7% of the national average. Boise's cost of living is 97.2% of the national average.

Population (as of 2011 census):

Boise: 210,145
Nampa: 82,755
Meridian: 76,750
Caldwell: 46,905
Eagle: 20,347
Kuna: 15,548

Total MSA Population (2013): 632,000
Total Idaho Population (2011): 1,584,985

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