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Live In Boise: 10 Reasons To Move Here

We absolutely love our city and we think you'll love living in Boise and the Treasure Valley too! Here's our top 10 reasons to move to Boise, in no particular order.

boise river raftingOutdoor Play & Adventure: With the Rocky Mountains to the east, the Great Basin deserts to the south and three major rivers converging nearby, the opportunities for outdoor adventure are seemingly endless. Ski down challenging slopes, hike along thick forest trails, golf exquisite courses or surf the waves at Boise River. Wherever your outdoor interest lies, the Treasure Valley's environmental playground is the perfect backdrop for loving every moment of life.

Very Friendly Community: One of the best reasons to live in Boise is because of the fantastic community spirit. Residents of the Treasure Valley tend to be happy, which in turn makes them genuinely nice and welcoming!

Affordable Living: From inexpensive (yet high quality) real estate to the low cost of groceries, it's easy to afford the lifestyle you want in the Boise area. Your dollar will go further in our fine city, allowing you to invest your money into the things that make you happy—whatever that may be.

Parks & Environment: In addition to the natural environmental wonders, a number of premium parks and environmental destinations have been carved into the Boise landscape. Boise's Greenbelt features nearly 28 miles of pathways, while destinations like the Idaho Botanical Garden and M-K Nature Center are the perfect setting to rest, relax and recharge.

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boise south fork4 Season Climate: The summer average sits around 71°F degrees while the winter average is 32°F, which is downright perfect for enjoying pleasant weather throughout the four seasons. Despite having four distinct seasons, Boise is highly liveable with minimal rain, warm summers, and little snow in the winters. Snow enthusiasts craving something more extreme will enjoy the ski resort 25 minutes away!

Arts, Culture & Entertainment: The arts are alive and well in Boise, with numerous opportunities for both creators and appreciators to thrive. The Boise Philharmonic, Art In The Park, Shakespeare Festival and Boise Art Museum are just a few of the opportunities to indulge in Idaho's rich arts and culture scene. Boise is becoming increasingly popular with national touring musicians, while the 21-screen movie theatre and IMAX are also prone to satisfy.

Top Notch Safety: The feeling of safety in Boise goes beyond the low crime rates for the region. It's knowing your kids will be fine walking home from school and that your neighbor will give you a call if she sees something strange. Boise's residents are friendly and helpful, and they look out for their own.

Educational Opportunities: A high quality education can be achieved at all levels, and students have the opportunity to earn college credits in high school. The local Boise State University is Idaho's largest public university, offering undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral programs. Full-time programs, night classes and flexible extended studies make it even easier to pursue interests, or a new career path!

foothills boiseAwesome Restaurants: From mom and pop shops to popular national chains, Boise offers a whole medley of mouth-watering restaurants to choose from. Our collection of restaurants is also diverse, with styles that include Italian, Mexican, Indian, Greek, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese foods.

Peaceful Surroundings: Despite its status as a full-force city, Boise's unique location isolates it from the rest of the world, which gives the city a more relaxed vibe. That means it's easy to enjoy a slower pace lifestyle and endless freedom to grow, without compromising any modern amenities.

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