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Alex Peterson

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Alex Peterson

The Mike Brown Group is excited to have Alex Peterson as part of the team as our Director of First Impressions. When you call The Mike Brown Group, Alex will be the first person you speak to on the phone. And when you visit our offices, she’ll be the first to greet you as you walk through our doors. 

Alex has always had a passion for helping people and wants to someday save a life. She describes herself as being selfless, driven, and true, and is passionate about being a beacon of sunshine for those she encounters.

When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, in the great outdoors. She grew up playing baseball and has carried that into her present, taking advantage of the local batting cages. Additionally, going to the movies, attending church, having lunch, coffee, or catching up are part of her repertoire of extracurriculars. She also thinks Casa de Matador has the best happy hour, especially for the poblano shrimp.

Alex has a number of causes that she is passionate about. These causes include mental health awareness and sponsoring children who need help with attaining the necessary resources to live. Family time is also very important to her.

If she could be anywhere right now, she’d be somewhere she could be barefoot and see awesome views. But for now, you’ll find her providing amazing first impressions for all of those who call or visit our office.

Contact Alex
Direct Phone 208-278-4300
Fax 208-639-6230

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