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Kassi Biggs

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Kassi Biggs

The Mike Brown Group welcomes Kassi Biggs to the team as a Junior Graphic Designer. Kassi joined The Mike Brown Group as she saw the position as an opportunity to enhance her graphic design skills. She brings a strong and creative work ethic to the team and describes herself as diverse, warmhearted and creative. Her colleagues describe her as hardworking and compassionate.

Kassi has been fascinated with art and design from a young age, wanting, at one point, to be an architect. She’s also highly skilled at crafting items using wood, metal, foam, vinyl or any other material. Her knowledge of power tools rivals even the experts on DIY TV shows.

When she’s not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her boyfriend, exploring the great outdoors, or enjoying an ice-cold IPA. She hopes to someday own a brewery, but for now she’s dabbling in home brewing.

If she could be anywhere right now, it would be in the mountains or on a brewery tour in the Portland area, or along the Oregon coast.

For now, however, Kassi can be found designing a variety of marketing collateral for The Mike Brown Group.

Contact Kassi
Office Phone 208-278-4300
Fax 208-639-6230

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