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Kim Edwards

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Kim Edwards

Kim Edwards worked at Hewlett-Packard for 28 years before moving to Idaho where she wanted a career change that would allow her to experience something new. Shortly after arriving in Sandpoint, Idaho, Kim explains that real estate found her and allowed her to discover the joy of helping clients find their dream homes. She now loves the excitement of living in the bustling downtown Boise area that always has something new and exciting happening.

Kim’s eclectic education includes college courses, specialty classes and real estate studies. These combine to give her a unique perspective when it comes to providing exceptional service to clients that focuses on communication and exceptional customer service. She also loves the fun of helping future homeowners discover their new communities and everything they have to offer.

Kim enjoys spending time on her other love of genealogy, where she has traced her family history back to the late 1600s. This hobby has allowed her to discover a patriot ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War, leading her to become a Daughter of the American Revolution. When she isn’t discovering more about her family’s roots and history, Kim enjoys playing the American-style four-player version of Mahjong and also golf.

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