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Kyle Madero

Photo of Kyle Madero

Kyle Madero

The Mike Brown Group welcomes Kyle Madero to the team as our Assistant Listing and Transaction Coordinator. Kyle will be helping our listing and transaction coordinators with their duties and will be filling in for them when they take vacations. 

Kyle describes himself as being extremely organized with strong attention to detail. Additionally, he says he’s fun, has a growth mindset, and is driven. Kyle’s colleagues would echo those qualities and would also say he’s a personable team player. 

When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time outside hiking, riding his bike, or longboarding. More importantly, spending quality time with his daughter and making memories with her is where he devotes a lot of his time. He’s also an avid cook, whipping up amazing culinary delights in the kitchen. He also goes to the occasional happy hour, and when he does he’s all about the half-price appetizers.

Kyle is passionate about being involved in the community and is a champion for the Women and Children’s Alliance.

Fun fact: He wants to see the Aurora Borealis in person before he dies.

If he could be anywhere right now, he’d be in the batting cages. But for now, you’ll find him assisting our listing and transaction coordinators who are helping our clients buy and sell homes.

Contact Kyle
Direct Phone 208-278-4355
Office Phone 208-278-4300
Fax 208-639-6230

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