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Matt Schoberg

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Matt Schoberg

Matt Schoberg joins the Mike Brown Group as our Digital Marketing Assistant. We knew Matt would be an integral member of the MBG marketing team because of his comprehensive knowledge of camera and video equipment and his passion for excellence. He says, “I’ve had very little experience in the real estate field, but after just a short time at MBG I’ve learned so much about the real estate market. Just using those little things I’ve  picked up and combining them with my knowledge of film and editing makes the job that much easier and more effective.”

Matt is an Idaho native and describes himself as driven, kind, and easy-going and strives to be someone who’s easy to work and communicate with, but also hard working and efficient. He says his number-one goal in serving the team and our clients is, “ serve others and make them feel loved and appreciated, so if I can leave that impression on the people I meet, I’ll be happy. I want people to remember me as the nicest person they’ve ever met.”

A typical day for Matt consists of waking up, going to work and having the time of his life, then coming home and focusing on other tasks and hobbies. One of his long-time dreams is to fully build a car. He says, “I love the automotive community and it’s one of my goals to have a fully built out Subaru WRX STI, suspension, engine, interior...everything. There’s just something so satisfying about showing something off when you’ve done all the work yourself. My ultimate dream car is a Mclaren 570s.”

There are so many facets to Matt—he has a knife collection, builds computers, plays eight instruments, is a self-proclaimed music producer, has his own small photography and videography business, and loves fashion and streetwear (also, his hair is awesome). He says, “When I was ten, I wanted to be an inventor and make weird things that would help people, like a self-cleaning house or a flying car. A bit of a different path was taken, but I’m so glad for where I am now.”

On Sunday mornings, you can usually find him playing worship music at his church and then going to lunch with his family afterwards. His personal motto for life is; “Be strong enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve.” Additionally, he doesn’t care for people who drive too slow on the freeway, people who text and drive, and people who drive slow while texting and driving on the freeway.

Matt has a fondness for drinking coffee and energy drinks, listening to a lot of music and podcasts, and editing videos or photos he’s shot recently. He enjoys reading automotive publications, like Car and Driver and also reads Popular Science/Mechanics and keeps up on various camera and photography news online. He’s also a DJ, so we know who to call if we ever need one.

We are impressed that he can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute, and that he cares about the Thirst Project, an organization dedicated to getting everyone in the world access to clean drinking water. When Matt’s not working, you’ll find him  playing video games and hanging out with friends, making music, driving around in a fun car, shooting photos, or enjoying his favorite happy hour order, the nacho plate at The Matador. “Amazing dish,” he says. We at MBG think the same thing about you, Matt!

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