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You might be under the impression that a classic "fixer upper" is also a home that is being rehabilitated. However, that is not exactly the case. In a recent article about "rehabbing a property", the author carefully explained the distinctions between the two.

Essentially,  it boils down to the simple fact that most homes in a condition requiring a true "rehab" will not qualify for a traditional loan. For example, you might find a nice, solid little home that needs a lot of cosmetic work to make it a good place to live. That is a fine example of a home that is a "fixer upper". On the other hand, if that same home had been stripped of all its cabinetry, sheet rock, paneling, and even some doors or windows…it is need of rehabilitation.

The How and Why

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How much can you spend on staging? You know; all of that stuff that is done to help your house look much more marketable and appealing to your anticipated buyers. According to Jennifer Radice, a real estate professional in Florida, the average costs for a "pro" are from $50 to $150 per hour!

Naturally, few people want to even consider what this will mean to their budget if they need an expert for a few days, or even a week, and so we'll consider some savvy strategies to keep that money in your wallet and yet still give your home a competitive edge.

Fundamentals of Staging

You may love the way that you have decorated your living room, but even if it looks like something straight out of a home design magazine, it may actually prevent you from

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Nothing says summer like a fair or festival, but according to VisitIdaho Idaho is home to a long list of year round events. From the popular Summerfest in Driggs each July (with more than 30 hot air balloons and all kinds of fun) to the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival that occurs each February in Moscow - there is a lot to do.

What about a potato festival or fair? Because so many people associate the state of Idaho with the root vegetable known as the potato, most assume that any community festivals or events might emphasize this particular food.

However, there are actually not that many fairs and festivals built strictly around the potato. Instead, the state has an amazing and impressively diverse number of activities throughout the year. Some of the

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Whether you have already closed on a new home or have just started to consider the purchase, if there are kids in the equation, you need to remember something important: You will have to relocate with them.

For adults, moving is a headache to which few things can compare. The packing, the lifting and carrying, the organizing, and all of the planning that can still go "kaput" if something goes wrong with the movers, their vehicle, and just about anything else.

This means that kids are in a particularly difficult situation because they are yanked out of their routine, don't really have much access to their "normal" mom or dad (the ones who don’t usually run around trying to tackle 100 things at once), and also have to adjust to the chaos that moving

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