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Real Estate Terminology 101



Are you about to begin looking for a home? Maybe you are completely unfamiliar with the "lingo" used by real estate professionals and in real estate websites? Don't worry; we are here to give you a bit of a cheat sheet and to help you know exactly what to say, and what is being said, as you navigate your way through the world of real estate.

To keep it easy, let's look at the terms in alphabetical order:

Appraisal - This must be done by a qualified professional, and it is meant to give a very accurate estimate of the market value of any type of real estate property;

Closing costs - Firstly, the "closing" is the moment when all of the final documents relating to the house are signed and the official "deal" is

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No one ever wants to mention the end of summer, and for Treasure Valley homeowners, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy fun in the sun, but even with temps staying high, it’s important to remember that the warm weather will cool down—even in Idaho. While cooler temperatures might sound like a great thing right now for Treasure Valley homeowners, it is important to be aware of how these climate changes will affect one’s garden, and what can be done to wrap up garden maintenance tasks—and also have some fun with your garden—when the colder months come around. Here are just a few pointers:

1. If you’ve ever heard of the Southern tradition of “passalong plants,” this is a great way to make use of succulents that would die in the cold months if kept

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