October 2013

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It can be surprising to take a look at the list of places in Idaho that appear on the National Register of Historic Places. Currently there are around 1,000 spots identified as worthy of historic recognition, and there is actually at least one listing in all 44 of the state's individual counties.

What might also surprise visitors, and residents, is the fact that these sites are not all related to a certain time or period in the state's history. Rather than being limited to pioneering homes, religious buildings, and the many grand and ornate state and local governmental buildings, there are also scientific buildings such as the Experimental Breeder Reactor in Butte County and the beautiful and elegant Gimlet Pegram Truss Railroad Bridge in Blaine

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How much can you spend on staging? You know; all of that stuff that is done to help your house look much more marketable and appealing to your anticipated buyers. According to Jennifer Radice, a real estate professional in Florida, the average costs for a "pro" are from $50 to $150 per hour!

Naturally, few people want to even consider what this will mean to their budget if they need an expert for a few days, or even a week, and so we'll consider some savvy strategies to keep that money in your wallet and yet still give your home a competitive edge.

Fundamentals of Staging

You may love the way that you have decorated your living room, but even if it looks like something straight out of a home design magazine, it may actually prevent you from selling

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