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In the past it was common for most people to believe that purchasing a home was the smartest financial choice possible. You invest in the property, improve or maintain it, earn equity in it, and enjoy all of the tax benefits that come with a mortgage or second mortgage.

When the subprime mortgage crisis struck around 2008, however, people began to wonder if this classic model of financial savvy was still true.

So, is it? A recent article in Business Insider has one very solid answer about that. When posing the question of whether renting or buying a home makes more sense, author Megan Durisin said that it boils down to a single factor: location.

It's Still About Location, Location, Location

The old real estate comment about the significance of

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Angel Trees is a non-profit organization - sponsored by the Salvation Army - that has been active for over 15 years. Angel Trees brings together volunteers from the community to help provide Christmas gifts to children that need assistance in our area (Eagle, Star, Meridian & Boise). Wherever you see one of these Angel Trees, there will be tags labeled with a child of a specific age and gender with a suggested toy for that child. The donor should provide to the Angel Tree Host a brand new unwrapped toy ideal for a child of that age and gender. Once all of the toys have been collected, they are arranged on shelves by gender and age groups at a Salvation Army location. Parents of children that may otherwise go without are able to select gifts from the “Toy…
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If you look at the census data relating to the state of Idaho you would find all of the standard details - the number of men and women, the different percentages of people divided up by their age groups and educational levels, and then you would see the business statistics. Something that jumps out at many who read this data is the fact that of the roughly 152k businesses in the state, around 24% of them are owned by women.

This remains pretty close to the national average, but is interesting because of the lower than average total population in the state. What this means is that a lot of women are out in the business world in Idaho, doing all kinds of jobs and owning their own firms.

In fact, a recent article in the Idaho Business Review said that

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