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Are you about to become someone offering real estate that is FSBO, or "For Sale by Owner"? If so, congratulations and good luck. You are doing something that millions of other property owners have also chosen to do, and you are in good company. However, you will not hear anyone say that FSBO is easier or more rewarding than hiring someone for the job.

Because you are going to have to commit time and resources to this, we'd like to provide you with some basic tips for success. A recent article in InMan News indicates that there are a lot of people prepared to tackle a sale that uses this "DIY" approach, and some real estate professionals have started offering advice and guidance. We'll take a few cues from these experts and pass them on to you.


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When selling a home, homeowners that utilize the resources and assistance of realtors enjoy numerous benefits. While it can be tempting to try to sell a house on your own in order to avoid paying commissions, this path is often much more costly than reaching out for experienced help from the beginning. Below are the three primary benefits, among many, that accompany using a realtor to sell a home.


1. Setting the Right Price for Your Property


Determining the right asking price is one of the single most critical decisions you will make when selling a home. It is important to find the perfect fair market price that will enable you to receive a favorable amount without overpricing. Overpricing a home can cause a property to sit stagnant on

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