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As most Boise residents know, Idaho is a wonderland of parks, ski areas, rivers, mountains and forests. The Boise area is a mecca for camping, summer and winter sports, hunting, fishing, and just taking it easy. And if you’re looking for just a simple weekend getaway, you can find one close to Boise, or even right in town.

Pioneer Condos at Bogus Basin

The Pioneer Condos are located on the mountaintop at Bogus Basin, 18 miles from Boise. Towering two miles above the entrance to the recreation area, you can ski in and ski out. The condos are open year-round, and are an ideal destination for a romantic weekend getaway. Each condo has its own fireplace and balcony. Everything you need is right there – all you need to bring is beverages and food. You

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If you’re planning on selling your home and buying another, it’s a good idea to list your current home before you make an offer on another property. Then, when you sell your home, you have a couple of options. You could rent living accommodations until you find the home you want to buy. Or, if you have family or friends you could stay with over the short term, you could become more aggressive in your search for a new home. Whatever approach you take, it’s almost always best to list before you buy.

Why Should I Sell First and Buy Later?

It only makes sense. Very few people can afford to carry two mortgages at the same time. Even if you’re fortunate enough to be able to do it, it’s still a bad idea. What happens if there’s a slump in the market? You

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