August 2014

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Years ago, the only way that a potential homebuyer would be able to get an idea of what a home looked like was to drive past the property, or to look in one of the real estate catalogs often found free in grocery stores. People simply had very little way of knowing much about the details of the property, at least visually, until they went to an open house or set up an appointment through the owner or a real estate professional. The first look that someone gets at a house is very important, and today it is easier than it has ever been before. This offers quite a few benefits.

The Internet makes it very easy to put up multiple photos of a property, inside and outside, so the buyers can have a very good idea of what the space offers long before they

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When someone has been searching for the best property to buy and he or she has finally discovered what they feel is the perfect home, it is time to make an offer.  When the time comes to make the offer though, the potential buyers need to know what components actually make up a good offer. They need to have one that the sellers and their agent are most likely to accept. Those who are buying a home need to know what they should offer, and those who are selling the home need to know what actually constitutes a good offer.

Let’s look at the different factors that come into play.

The Price

With the price, there is quite a conundrum. The buyers want the lowest possible price, and the sellers want the highest possible price. To make the deal good, the

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