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boise home owners fees


The web is full of horror stories about Homeowner’s Associations (HOA). The truth is, as in many cases, the HOAs that make the news are the ones that have been sensationalized. Investopedia says that an HOA is a subdivision or condominium within a community. This includes commercial property within a given area. The group elects leaders that pass and enforce rules that everyone is legally obliged to follow. Keep reading to learn what is a homeowner’s association and why should you care.

The Fees

Homeowners agree to pay fees to live within the area. Generally, these fees are used for upkeep of common areas such as swimming pools or elevators. When unexpected repairs are needed in places that everyone may use, then the HOA assesses special

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 boise dog parks

Although city code requires all dogs be on a leash at all city parks and facilities, the City of Boise offers a plethora of outdoor activities for dogs and their owners and there are some exceptions to the code. Within the city are 4 off-leash dog parks that are open everyday from sunrise to sunset. These special parks feature sand or mulch materials instead of grass so that the animals can have fun in a unique environment. Additionally, there are 7 off-leash pet areas in developed multi-use parks with grass. Click here for a detailed list and maps.


A fun place you might want to consider bringing Fido to is Redwood Park, located at 2675 N. Shamrock Avenue, Boise, 83713. This park allows dogs to be off-leash from sunrise to 10 a.m. and

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selling boise real estate

Fall officially begins on September 23rd, but that doesn’t mean the selling season is over. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Boise homebuyers these days aren’t always timing a new home purchase around the beginning of the school year, because it’s not a top concern for the majority of buyers.

There are many first-time Boise buyers looking throughout the entire year, not just seasonally. Additionally, baby boomers preparing for retirement are always on the lookout for the perfect property, as are millennial buyers and those experiencing job relocation.   

Here Are a Few Home Staging Tips for the Fall:

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

  • Plant beautiful fall colors for amazing curb appeal. Chrysanthemums (or mums) are available in vibrant reds, oranges
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treasure valley, id 

Photo courtesy of The Idaho Statesman

It’s no secret the Treasure Valley boasts stellar amenities. From pocket boutique retail stores to tantalizing restaurants to parks built just for canines, we have it all. Over 22,000 locals participated in the Idaho Statesman's annual Best of Treasure Valley 2015 survey, with the primary objective to identify the best of the best in our area. You probably aren’t surprised The Village at Meridian ranked #1 for the best place to impress out-of-towners. You might already have guessed Chandlers Steakhouse boasts the best steak and Bodovino offers the best wine list, but the Statesman’s comprehensive list holds a few surprises you might not want to overlook. Are you ready to explore your community?

Check out a few

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The Mike Brown Group is excited to announce the Title One Golf Charity event held on August 28th raised over thirty thousand dollars for the Boys and Girls Club. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event. 

title one golf charity event

mike brown group 

 mike brown group

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