July 2016

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Grant's Neighborhood Grill – Located in a quaint corner off of Cherry Lane near Linder Road in Meridian, Grant's offers a full bar with seasonal American cuisine, regionally sourced fresh ingredients, and seasonal dishes (including steak and seafood). Their Cubano smoked pork sandwich is to die for, as is their Big Bleu Burger and very popular lavender cocktail. Brunch is offered on the weekends, and you’ll want to try their signature Bloody Mary (served with a mini-burger and chicken leg on top). 

Twisted Timber – This fun pub is nestled near the corner of Cloverdale and Amity Road, and is a favorite among residents in the bordering communities of Rockhampton, Pepper Hill subdivision, and Boise Ranch. Hang out with your friends on their large

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Defining your décor style can be challenging, to say the least. Most people know how they feel when they walk into a room but they’re not quite sure exactly why that is. Everyone has his or her own personal style and preferences and there isn’t style that’s preferred over another. If you’re interested in taking a short quiz to get some insight into your preferences, you might want to check out Stylescope by HomeGoods. You simply pick five images that you’re drawn to and you’ll find out your home design personality. You’ll also see tips, shopping suggestions, and they’ll even match your decorating personality to trending blogs so you can get even more helpful tips specifically catered to your personal taste! Click this link to try Stylescope:

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Are you thinking about remodeling your home but you're not sure about what projects will yield the best return? Remodeling your home can create the living space of your dreams but doesn't always have to be done with resale in mind. There are numerous reasons as to why homeowners remodel, whether it's just for pure aesthetics or for the sole purpose of a home flip. Although sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, statistically there are some projects that will payoff for you-if (and when) you decide to sell. 

According to the Cost vs. Value Report found on Remodeling.hw.net, they have collected national data for the 30 most popular remodeling projectors and then compared the average costs to the value that those projects retain at resale in

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