August 2016

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The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic 2016

The goal of the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is to provide an exciting, family oriented production to the community of Boise, Idaho at no charge. The organizers say, "When we see families arrive in Ann Morrison Park, watch them spread their blankets on the ground, see happy kids of all ages, some still in their PJ’s, wrapped in blankets to enjoy a mass launching of hot air balloons, we feel like we have reached the goal of the event." The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is truly a one-of-a-kind family friendly community event in the City of Trees. The ballooning world returns to Boise, Idaho and its iconic home in beautiful Ann Morrison Park. This year’s event takes place on August 31st - September 4th, 2016.

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Within the last five years, the tiny house movement has become a new and socially accepted way of life. Growing in popularity because of more exposure and because of economic trend – tiny houses can provide opportunities and experiences that would otherwise not be achievable. For some people, adjusting to a smaller space and fewer possessions, with a goal of saving money and focusing on relationships and experiences sounds like a dream come true. For others, considering living day-to-day in 200 square feet doesn't sound appealing in any capacity. Regardless of your opinion toward tiny homes, they are making headlines and becoming great conversation starters.

Tiny homes are small homes that are often built on a trailer to be portable. The square

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32 Cells Art Show at the Old Penitentiary 

Friday, August 19th - The Swell Artist Collective and the Old Idaho Penitentiary have partnered up to present 32 Cells. This art show will feature 32 works of art done by local artists inspired by former inmate bio's and prison history. Artwork will hang on prison cell doors for viewing. All artwork will be available for purchase. Event features: Self-guided tours and music. Beer, wine, and food will be available for purchase. Participating artist include: Ward Hooper, April Vandegrift, Erin Cunningham, Kelly Knopp, Rick Friesen, Erin Ruiz, Anne Boyles, Steve Willhite, Noble Hardesty, Randy Van Dyck, Adam Rosenlund, Christopher Hunt, Justin Cunningham, Lance Brown, Sean Wyett Patrick Kalange, Jeffrey

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The Environmental Protection Agency states that the air quality within homes can be more polluted than the outdoor air. By implementing a few small changes, you can protect your health and attain better indoor air quality within your home.

Consider purchasing a humidity gauge

Sometimes this is also called a hygrometer and is available at many hardware stores. Indoor humidity levels are ideal at around 45%. Under 30% is too dry and over 50% is too high and could potentially contribute to mold growth. A humidifier or vaporizer will increase humidity, and a fan or dehumidifier will decrease humidity (try to open your windows if possible as well).

Purchase a plant

Green plants are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also may be helpful in

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