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Idaho Number One for Inbound Moves

North American Moving Services released its migration study for 2019, and it confirms what we saw earlier this year from two other top moving companies: Idaho is the top state in the nation for inbound moves.

According to the study, “Idaho tops the charts most years for the highest percentage of inbound moves. It had ranked first every year since 2015 except for 2017 when it was ousted by Arizona.” The study shows that 69% of all of its inbound moves were to Idaho, a large percentage. However, Arizona has been a consistent second-place finisher to Idaho with its number of inbound moves, only unseating the Gem state from its first-place perch in 2017.

The study also showed that the majority of outbound moves from western states were from

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10 Trends Seen in the Boise Parade of Homes


The Boise Parade of Homes for Spring 2020 is happening now, and every home offers some unique design perspectives and floorplans. However, there are some design ideas that are seen in more than just a couple of the houses, perhaps hinting at something positioned to be more mainstream.

Let’s explore some of the design ideas seen in this year’s Parade of Homes and see if there are opportunities for you to incorporate them into your abode.

Smart Homes

Biltmore Co. Coronado Parade of Homes Smart Faucet

Many of this year’s Parade of Homes participants feature varying degrees of smart home functionality. Some of the smart home technology included smart thermostats, lighting, appliances, and even a smart kitchen faucet. Biltmore’s Coronado featured such a faucet, shown above: “Alexa, tell

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Boise Parade of Homes

Over the weekend, one of the most anticipated events of the spring kicked off: The Spring Boise Parade of Homes. Unlike years past, where homes could be toured personally, this year’s event is entirely virtual. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of the participating houses will feature virtual tours, video, and lots of photography, allowing people to “visit” the properties from the comfort of their own home and at their convenience.

The Mike Brown Group is pleased to represent four builders who have entered homes into this year’s Spring Parade of Homes. The builders include Asbury Homes, Biltmore Co., Ninety Degree Construction, and Todd Campbell Custom Homes.

Let’s introduce you to the four homes beginning in the Bridgetower West community.

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Green Week promotional banner 

In commemoration of Earth Day this week, we’ve dedicated our blog to provide tips and advice for going green. Earlier this week we examined six simple things you can do to go green and we looked at larger home improvement projects you can do to help go green.

Today, we’re featuring a list of 53 things you can do to go green. While not an exhaustive list, it does provide a lot of great information and ideas to help you be more aware of your carbon footprint. 

  1. Adjust your Thermostat – set it warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter to reduce resource consumption and reduce your utility bills.
  2. Set schedules for your thermostat – if you’re using a thermostat that allows it, you can create schedules for when your system runs. For
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Green week header

Celebrating Earth Day, we’ve decided to go “green” this week with our blog posts discussing things you can do to your house to be more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible.

This post is the second installment of this week’s “green-themed” posts. Our first post provided six simple things you could do to be more energy efficient around your home. Today, we’re going to look at some larger projects that you can do to do your part for the environment.

Solar Panels

Solar panels on a home
Photo Credit: iStock.com/Cindy Shebley

Solar panels are probably going to be the most expensive upgrade to your home, but they will provide value for years to come. Today’s solar panels have gotten a lot more aesthetically pleasing and can conform to the design of most

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Green Week and Real Estate

Celebrating Earth Day, we’ve decided to go “green” this week with our blog posts discussing things you can do to your house to be more energy-efficient and environmentally responsible.

Today, we’re going to discuss six simple and relatively inexpensive things you can do that can have a pretty dramatic effect on your home’s resource consumption. Consequently, you will wind up seeing savings on your monthly utility bills and doing your part for the environment.

Clean Your Refrigerator

We’re not talking about the inside of your refrigerator; we’re talking about the coils underneath that are accessible generally through a vent or a piece of cardboard. Just about any home improvement store carries a unique and inexpensive brush (it’s long and

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Ask a Realtor

When buying a home, it’s frequently a good idea to request a home warranty to be part of the sale, especially if the house is older. A home warranty is a service contract that guarantees specific components and systems of the home. These can include the HVAC system, appliances, plumbing, and more. Home warranties can cover the cost of repair or replacement of items included as part of the warranty coverage. Please note that these types of warranties are different than the warranties that are provided by builders of newly constructed homes.

Now imagine having an oven that doesn’t heat, or the air conditioner breaks down in the middle of the summer. A home warranty can generally protect against those types of events.

A home warranty provides peace

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Even in a pandemic, homes are still selling in Idaho. The Intermountain Multiple Listing Service has released its home sales statistics for March 2020, and the numbers continue to show strong sales in both Ada and Canyon Counties. Demand for both areas continues to be robust despite the best efforts of COVID-19 to derail real estate transactions. While REALTORS® have evolved how they serve their clients by offering virtual open houses and walkthroughs, home buyers and sellers have also adapted to using these technologies.

Even though the shelter in place order didn’t come until the middle of the month, March, as a whole, was another solid month for real estate.

Inventory levels in both counties remained very low, and that’s going to continue as

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A beautifully landscaped backyard
Photo Credit: iStock.com/TimAbramowitz

While many people say the kitchen is the heart of the home, the outdoor space can play an essential role in living and lifestyle. Creating a fantastic yard not only allows you to be the envy of the neighborhood, but it also serves as a retreat from the hustle of the everyday.

Continuing our series on design trends for 2020, we’re going to take a look at landscape design trends for 2020 and explore ideas for your outside space.


Xeriscaping is becoming more mainstream. With more and more people becoming environmentally aware, drought-tolerant plants have become fixtures in landscape design. These plants require far less water than non-drought tolerant varietals, which can be a savings on

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Green colored house
Photo Credit: iStock.com/Sisoje

In a previous series, we discussed interior design trends for 2020 that were both in and out. Today, we’re going to look at paint color trends for 2020 and factors that affect color choice.

Earlier this year, some design experts offered their opinions on what’s in and what’s out in terms of color trends for 2020.

Dark Exterior Colors

One of the significant trends that are picking up steam is dark exterior colors. Black houses, near black, and other smoky colors are becoming more prevalent. Those with bright accents and natural tones like warm woods or stone are making the dark colors more approachable.

Color Blocking

Color Blocking on the Exterior of a House
Photo Credit: iStock.com/U. J. Alexander

Color blocking is another trend that is

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