Boise Airport Flies High With On-Time Performance

Posted by Mike Brown Group on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020 at 2:40pm.

Airlines departing at sunset.

The OAG, formerly known as The Official Aviation Guide, has released its Punctuality League 2020 report where it ranks airlines and airports globally for on-time performance. Airports are classified in the report based on the number of seats on outbound flights (departing scheduled seats). The full report (pdf) goes into greater detail as to how the rankings were determined and the data that was used for measurement.  

Boise, for now, is considered a small airport servicing between 2.5 Million and 5 Million outbound seats annually. Out of around 503 commercial airports in the U.S., Boise Airport ranked number one in the United States among small airports and was number six in the world. Globally, there are only 17,678 or so commercial airports, so reaching number six is impressive to say the least.

For Medium sized airports, those with departing scheduled seats between 5 million and 10 million, John Wayne International in Orange County, California, takes the top spot nationally, and is fifth in the world. For large airports, those with 10 Million and 20 Million outbound flight seats, Honolulu was tops and third in the world, with our Salt Lake City neighbors taking second place nationally and fifth in the world.

Major airports that see between 20 million and 30 million outbound seats included seven U.S. cities in the global top ten, with Minneapolis/St. Paul named the top-ranked airport nationally and attaining second globally.  

The Mega airports, those with 30 Million+ outbound seats, saw Atlanta as tops in the U.S. and fourth in the world. Our northwest neighbor of Seattle landed in second place nationally and was fifth globally.

As the Boise area continues to grow with more people relocating here, it’s exciting to know that the airport is able to offer efficient service and on-time performance among the airlines and passengers it serves.

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