Listing Your Home in a Seller’s Market

Posted by Mike Brown Group on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at 10:13am.

You’ve likely heard the news that Boise, Idaho has become a seller’s market when it comes to real estate. The combination of fewer homes being listed, and low interest rates, has led to an influx of interested buyers. This can lead to great opportunities for sellers, but there are a few things to keep in mind before listing your home in this seller’s market.

Is Your House Ready to Sell?

Before listing your property, it is important to have the home evaluated in order to determine the true value and identify any issues that may hinder the closing process. By working with a realtor, you can access reputable home inspectors and determine the best plan of action.

List Your Home Using a Realtor

Because of the seller’s market, homeowners may be tempted to list the house on their own, but this can be a risky and costly decision. Even when the market is favorable to sellers, it is still possible to overprice the house. An experienced realtor who is familiar with the Boise real estate market will be able to determine a listing price that will lead to a quick sale that may even be above your target price.

Protecting Yourself During the Selling Process

Competing buyers is obviously a wonderful scenario for a seller, but it also increases the possibility that the seller will receive offers from both quality and risky buyers. Without the help of a realtor, sellers may not know how to spot buyers that will be a waste of time or be able to identify unfair contracts.

This is another reason that it is crucial to have a realtor guide you through the seller’s market. They can send only the serious offers your way, and negotiate strongly on your behalf throughout the closing process. Talented realtors help homeowners make the most of these exciting market opportunities.

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