That Design is SO OUT - 2020 Interior Design Trends That are Out

Posted by Mike Brown Group on Friday, February 7th, 2020 at 9:02am.

Interior Design Trends that are out

With the dawn of a new decade, it’s time to usher in a stream of creative design ideas for your interior spaces. In our previous article, we detailed some of the new interior design trends for 2020. In this post, we’re going to take a walk down memory lane, bidding adieu to trends that are “out” for this year. Between the two articles, hopefully, you’ll find inspiration for your own space, whether it’s an existing home or a brand-new home.

Subway Tile

Kitchen with subway tile
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Subway Tile backsplashes and accents in kitchens and baths were all the rage last decade. And for that reason, people are looking for other tile options as Subway Tile was overseen and overused.


Archway in a home

While the golden arches of McDonald's are timeless, arches in your home aren’t anymore, at least according to design experts going into 2020.

Over the Range Microwaves

Over the Range Microwave
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The area above your range or cooktop is a focal point of the kitchen. Using a microwave in that space is just drab. Use the space with a larger backsplash or a hood. Microwaves are important but should be tucked out of the way in a convenient to access location. Perhaps place it in a pantry?

Grey on Grey

Grey on Grey Room

Later in the last decade, grey on grey design was routine, with many home interiors touting it. However, for 2020, there seems to be more emphasis on warmer colors, including earth tones. Time to say "nay" to grey on grey.

Formal Separation of Spaces 

Formal Dining Room

With open-concept floorplans more commonplace in today’s homes, having designated rooms for gatherings is so passé. Embracing the open concept and having access to all areas in a single flowing design is much chicer.

Faux Plants

Faux Plants in a Home are a No No

In our previous article, we talked about how live plants are so in right now. Well, as you can imagine, faux plants are so out as a result. While they’re maintenance-free, they do tend to collect dust over time. Additionally, since they don’t grow, they don’t really add any dynamism to space, nor do they have the same healing properties as live plants.


As you can imagine, 2020 is going to be a very dynamic year with lots of opportunities for inspiration and change in the home space. If you have any of the trends that are deemed “out” for 2020, you have an opportunity to upgrade styles that are more today. Change can be a good thing, so be sure to check out what’s “in” for 2020 and incorporate some of the trendy design ideas in your home for the coming year and beyond.

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