Where to Buy a Home in Boise if You’re in the Tech Industry

Posted by Mike Brown Group on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019 at 2:30pm.

where to buy a home in Boise if you're in the tech industry

Boise's tech industry is booming.

So much so that industry workers have been fleeing western tech hubs, like San Francisco and Seattle, to find innovative careers in Treasure Valley.

But, how can a small city like Boise compete among some of the most prosperous tech cities in the United States?

The simple answer is quality of life.

Along with the city's incredible variety of career opportunities, Boise offers great dining and shopping experiences, as well as its natural landscapes and scenic parks. And a slice of this can be yours for a reasonable price.

With a median home price in the 300,000s, Boise real estate attracts tons of young professionals because of its affordability and charm.

To get the most out of everything this city has to offer, here's where to buy a home in Boise if you're in the tech industry:

Downtown Boise

Like most downtown cores, Boise's is bustling with opportunity.

Most industry-leading tech companies in Idaho call Downtown Boise their home, so if you're wanting to live in the center of the action, this is the best place to be.

You can find innovative startups, like MetaGeek and Cradlepoint, that are changing the way we use technology today.

When you live in Downtown Boise, not only are you close to inventive tech companies, but you're close to the city's thriving historical and cultural districts.

These parts of town are full of trendy restaurants and boutique shops, which make living here extremely convenient.

Though, these amazing perks come with a price. Downtown Boise real estate is generally more expensive than other areas of town. But, it's not even comparable to the prices you see in other tech hubs like San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Condos for sale in Downtown Boise are among some of the most stunning in the city. With luxury finishes and high-end amenities, you'll feel like you're living in a five-star hotel.

Although much of the real estate in this area is pricier than the rest of the city, it's still possible to find affordable condos and lofts in older buildings.

Northwest Boise

Located to the west of the city's downtown core is Northwest Boise where there are tons of influential tech companies and startups.

You can find software companies like Clearwater Analytics, Matraex Inc., and Khamy Solutions, which are in conversation with some of the largest companies in the industry, like Apple and Google.

What makes Northwest Boise so attractive to young professionals is its proximity to both the urban and the natural. Not only are you near plenty of businesses and startups, but you’re close to the Boise Foothills and its scenic hiking trails.

Living in this area of town gives residents the perfect balance of work and home life.

Northwest Boise real estate consists of new construction homes as well as older properties and heritage homes. So, no matter what kind of place you're on the market for, you're sure to find a phenomenal home in this community.

Since it's located just outside of the city center, homes tend to be more reasonable in price. Properties are also larger than the average, allowing for spacious backyards and gardens.

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Boise Bench

Boise Bench is the perfect compromise between downtown living and affordable housing. Located only a few minutes from the downtown core, Boise Bench is the ideal spot for young professionals in the tech industry.

When you live here, you're close to amazing tech companies, as well as restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues. Ann Morrison Park and the Boise Art Museum are both minutes away from this neighborhood, as well as the Hillcrest Country Club and Boise Towne Square.

Homes for sale in this community are great for those who are buying a home in Boise with a budget. In fact, the area is known for its inexpensive homes that attract first-time homebuyers and young professionals.

The neighborhood is filled with heritage homes and older bungalows that have unbeatable character and charm. Oftentimes, you can find places with hardwood flooring and picture frame windows that give this community much allure.

West Boise (West Bench)

West Boise is a great neighborhood for homebuyers who work in the tech industry. With tons of influential companies, like Quality Logic and Sensus, you’re never far from terrific career opportunities.

This community is in a prime location in between Downtown Boise and Meridian where you can find plenty of technology startups.

One of the best parts about living here is being close to tons of local parks and green spaces. There are scenic trails and walkways around the community that make spending time outdoors easier than ever.

Since this area is outside of the city's urban center, home properties are generally larger than the average. You can expect homes to have expansive backyards and mature trees.

Although many of the homes in this area were built over 20 years ago, there are plenty of new builds and modern homes.

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