Museums & Memorials In Boise

idaho state capitolIdaho State CapitolBuilt with local quarried sand-stone and first opened in 1920, the Capitol houses Idaho‘s state offices and the legislature, which meets yearly from January through March. It is a replica of the nation‘s Capitol, and the only state capitol heated geothermally. The building is open to the public year round.

Idaho State Historical Museum—Over 100 years of Idaho history is preserved in this museum. Located in Julia Davis Park and just blocks down from the state Capitol, the Museum includes permanent exhibits that display an old west saloon, a Chinese medicine shop, and a blacksmith‘s forge.

Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial—Located along the Boise River, this memorial pays tribute to well-known human rights activists with statues and quotations.

Boise Depot—One of Boise‘s most visible landmarks originally build by Union Pacific in 1925, this well-used train depot is now used for private events and open to the public only on special occasions. The grounds surrounding the depot host the Platt Memorial Gardens, an provide beautiful views of the Down-town Boise area.

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Idaho Black History Museum—A showplace of his-torical photos, crafts, and other artifacts reflecting Black culture in Idaho‘s heritage. Located in Julia Davis Park.

Idaho Museum of Military History—This museum highlights the service and military history of Idahoans from the Spanish-American War to the present.

Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology—Follow the Steps of miners as they rushed to Idaho‘s hills and fought each other (and Idaho‘s unforgiving terrain) in pursuit of gold and silver.

World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame—World-class athletes like Jackie Joyner Kersee, David Robinson, and Julius Erving are some of those honored for their humanitarian service at this museum. Showcased at the museum is memorabilia from each inducted athlete‘s career. Three new athletes are inducted on a yearly basis.

Peace Officers Memorial—Located in Meridian, this memorial is modeled after a five-point badge and has three large stones in the middle with the names of fallen officers from various services.

Warhawk Air Museum—Nampa is home to this 20,000 square foot museum, featuring planes and items that represent the home front and military experience during WWII. The museum displays two very rare Curtis P-40 WWII fighter airplanes and a P-51C razorback Mustang fighter, and pays tribute to the people of Idaho who served bravely and fought on fronts around the world.

Canyon County Historical Society Museum— Built in 1903 and located in Nampa, this original Union Pacific train depot for Canyon County now displays both county and Union Pacific memorabilia.

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