Boise Scenery: Routes & Drives For Idaho's Best Views

boise sceneryWhile we have discussed the myriad of opportunities for adventure available in the Valley itself, there is another world of opportunity just outside the city limits. Whether you hunt, fish, mountain climb, kayak, bike, hike, or just like to take amazing pictures, southern and central Idaho are filled with amazing sights to see and experience.

Highway 55—Drive north up Highway 55 and within two hours, you‘ll reach some of the best skiing in the state. You‘ll also find an adorable stretch of quaint little towns, great fishing lakes, and some luxurious accommodations. Towns passed include:

  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Banks
  • Cascade
  • Donnelly
  • McCall
  • New Meadows

New to Donnelly is the world-class resort of Tamarack, which has given a phenomenal boost to the local economy, and brought to the area a new ski facility, golf courses, and even before it opened to the public...former President George W. Bush!

View from the top of Borah Peak, Idaho’s tallest mountain at 12,662 feet. Mt. Borah is in east-central Idaho, about five hours from Boise.

The other scenic route out of Boise is Idaho Highway 21, which takes you past a beautiful daytime recreation area, Lucky Peak State Park. Just above Lucky Peak is the Anderson Ranch Dam recreation area, where boaters and water enthusiasts can enjoy miles of shore and plenty of boat docks and ramps for launching all manner of "Big Boy Toys."

Farther up Highway 21, you‘ll pass through Idaho City, which is one of many small communities remaining from Idaho's Gold Rush days. Continue on 21 and two hours north of Idaho City is the town of Stanley, Idaho. With a population of just over 100 people, Stanley serves as a crossroads for travelers. Nestled in between the breathtaking Sawtooth Mountains on the right and the Boulder/White Cloud Mountains on the left, Stanley is also at the end of Highway 21. Go right and you'll head towards the famous Sun Valley area (approximately an hour away), go left and you‘ll continue northeast, visiting towns like Challis and Salmon.

Either way you choose to go, the scenery is breathtaking, and the opportunities to fish, camp, hunt, and hike are unparalleled anywhere else in the state.

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