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Six Landscape Design Trends for 2020

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While many people say the kitchen is the heart of the home, the outdoor space can play an essential role in living and lifestyle. Creating a fantastic yard not only allows you to be the envy of the neighborhood, but it also serves as a retreat from the hustle of the everyday.
Continuing our series on design trends for 2020, we’re going to take a look at landscape design trends for 2020 and explore ideas for your outside space.


Xeriscaping is becoming more mainstream. With more and more people becoming environmentally aware, drought-tolerant plants have become fixtures in landscape design. These plants require far less water than non-drought tolerant varietals, which can be a savings on irrigation expenses. Additionally, people are opting to use rock, and mulch in their yard designs, again, reducing water consumption and cost. People are also leveraging technology as not only the homes themselves are getting smarter, so are devices for the outdoors. Smart Irrigation can help limit water consumption and waste (e.g., no watering on rainy days). Also, planting native greenery helps preserve the local ecosystem.

Intricate Hardscapes

Flat, uniform surfaces are no longer the norm with Intricate hardscaping quickly becoming a hallmark of modern landscapes. Homeowners are using stone, brick, concrete, and other hardscaping that incorporates waves, weaves, chevrons, etc. into walls, paths, etc.

Edible Gardens

In conjunction with becoming more ecofriendly, people are trying to reduce their carbon footprints by creating edible gardens to eat more local, organic produce. As such, urban farmers are starting to be more mainstream, giving gardeners a bountiful harvest of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Many people are opting for raised planter boxes in which to grow their crops. The boxes add visual appeal to an urbanscape.

Water Features

Something is soothing about the sound of water in the yard. From fountains and ponds to high-end water walls, water features of all shapes and sizes are prevalent across all budgets.

Inside Out

Many people are creating outdoor living spaces that go beyond a traditional backyard. Thanks to outdoor fabrics that are fade-resistant and waterproof, homeowners can create permanent living spaces outside. Some people create outdoor living spaces that include a kitchen and dining area, as well as an “outdoor living room” complete with furniture and a TV. The function of the outdoor space is essential as heat lamps, and protective structures allow people to spend more time outside year-round.

Wildlife Refuge

A lot of landscape designs are not only incorporating vegetable gardens and fruit trees, but they also include beehives, chicken coops, and birdhouses. Of course, allowability depends on city ordinances and homeowner association regulations.

The Last Word

Landscape design trends evolve at a slower pace than interior design and color trends. However, they tend to be more current for extended periods. Hopefully, some of these trends have inspired you to do great things in your yard.

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