Idaho Weather: Climate & Temperatures 

idaho weatherIdaho has extraodinary weather, with great variety. Most of the time, the Treasure Valley experiences fairly mild weather with drier air and low humidifty throughout the year. Yet, extreme weather occurs every once in awhile, creating an interesting climate that isn't always predictable. High pressure systems can trap cold air in the valley, while warm air stays at higher elevations. This rare weather pattern allows residents to ski at Bogus Basin and experience a unique geological phenomena. However, these instances are rare and most of the year is graced with calm winds, minimal snowfall and fantastic air quality.

The Treasure Valley is classified as a high desert climate but the Boise River keeps the area thriving: Southwest Idaho's desert lands are nothing like a tradition desert, and instead boast lush plant life, thriving animals and breathtaking scenery.

Idaho Temperatures & Precipitation

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