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Best Fries in Boise

Every year in July, the nation celebrates “National French Fries Day,” an homage to a fast-food staple on menus across America. People regularly pair French Fries with hamburgers and sandwiches at restaurants, and we’ve put together a guide to some of the places here in the Treasure Valley touted to have “The Best Fries in Boise.”

Of course, “Best Fries in Boise” will be subjective given the wide variety and style of French fries available. In no particular order, let’s dive into our best fries in Boise guide.

Best Fries in Boise Guide

Boise Fry Company

With several locations around the Treasure Valley, Boise Fry Company is probably one of the first places to think about French fries. The company proudly touts “burgers are the sides” on its marketing materials, which is not surprising given the variety of French fry options it serves.

You get to choose what kind of potato your fries come from, including Russet, Gold, Red, Yam, Sweet, and Purple. Then you get to select your cut of fry: Regular, Homestyle, Curly, Shoestring, or “Po’ Ball” (potato ball).

The other thing that sets Boise Fry apart is its selection of sauces beyond just ketchup or fry sauce to dip the fries. Options include garlic aioli, sweet mustard, blueberry ketchup, spicy ketchup, and spicy fry sauce.

Sid’s Garage

Another local favorite is Sid’s Garage, located in The Village at Meridian. Sid’s specializes in burgers and has truffle parmesan or sweet potato fries to indulge in with the burger. Their website “dare’s ya to find better” when it comes to fries.

Hugo’s Deli

Featured in our Boise Sandwich Shop Guide, Hugo’s Deli was mentioned in a recent community poll for having the best fries. “Be sure to get their spicy ketchup,” one commenter mentioned.

Red Robin

National chain Red Robin has bottomless (unlimited) homestyle fries paired with any one of several available sauces beyond just ketchup and fry sauce. Their campfire mayo, a combination of mayo and bbq sauce, is a favorite. Jalapeño ranch, chipotle aioli, roasted garlic aioli, smoke and pepper sauce, and bbq sauce are some other sauces that are great for dipping.

Fast Food Restaurants

If you’re a fan of fast food and who isn’t, several people in our informal survey chimed in about local franchises with the best fries. Chick-fil-a, McDonald’s, and Culver’s were a few restaurants people heralded as having the best fries in Boise. Believe it or not, an argument can be made for Del Taco’s crinkle-cut fries.

Main Street Burger

Meridian’s Main Street Burger was mentioned as a contender for having the Boise area’s best French fries.


Another local favorite, GoodBurger, has a few locations around the valley and, in addition to its burgers, has delicious French fries.

The Ram

With two Treasure Valley locations, The Ram was mentioned as having great French fries. “The Ram Fries,” as they’re affectionately referred, is one of the side options when ordering a meal at The Ram.

Big Jud’s

Featured on Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food, Big Jud’s is known for its burgers, but its fresh-cut fries are thick, crispy, and delicious. They’re a great accompaniment to their mouthwatering burgers.

Bittercreek Alehouse

The Bittercreek Alehouse in downtown Boise is rumored to have delicious fries. The fries are hand-cut and are popular sides with the burgers and sandwiches served at the restaurant. Reviewers even said the polenta fries shouldn’t be missed, and cooks make the fresh ketchup in-house.

The Ranch Scottish Highland Burgers

Another location that features hand-cut French fries, the Ranch Scottish Highland Burgers, serves, you guessed it, burgers. And what better side than French fries.


Burgers that are “smashed” to perfection, you should expect nothing less from their “smash fries.” Available in traditional or sweet potato versions, the fries bring the same “culinary oomph to the table as their entrées.” Or so says their website. Smashburger also offers a variety of yummy shakes.

Five Guys

Popular burger chain Five Guys features not only delicious burgers that you can customize to your liking, but they also serve up in-store cut French fries that are great tasting. Served with the skin on and lightly salted, casual and aficionado fry consumers enjoy the fries at Five Guys.


Fork in downtown Boise is renowned for its northwestern flavors that create a dining experience that’s comforting and delicious. The rosemary parmesan French fries offered as a side are a delightful accompaniment to their burger and sandwich offerings.

Moon’s Kitchen Café

Moon’s is known for exceeding expectations with the American fare it serves. The fries are cut in-house and are made from Idaho-grown potatoes. Diners suggest ordering extra of their homemade fry sauce for dipping.

Ha’Penny Bridge Irish Pub & Grill

The Ha’Penny Bridge Irish Pub and Grill is another local haunt that receives rave reviews for its French fries. While much of the food is Irish pub fare, the Ha’Penny also offers a selection of sandwiches and burgers that pair well with their fries.

Bar Gernika

Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dive’s” featured Bar Gernika for its Basque-style cuisine. While host Guy Fieri enjoyed the Solomo sandwich and the Lamb Grinder, the fries are regularly mentioned by reviewers as some of the best fries in Boise.


Located in downtown Boise and other western towns, Eureka! is renowned for its burgers. Of course, you can’t have burgers without fries, and the truffle fries shouldn’t be missed. Eureka! also offers Truffle Cheese Fries containing truffle salt, parmesan cheese, chives, and a white truffle cheese sauce.

Brother Brown’s Underground

One of Boise’s hidden gems, Brother Brown’s, serves up BBQ fare with burgers. The French fries are served with the skin on, adding a rustic richness to their flavor.

The Last Word

Since Idaho is known for its potatoes, it makes sense that restaurants feature potatoes as part of their side dish offerings. From crinkle-cut to curly to homestyle to shoestring, Idaho restaurants offer various French fries to satisfy even the most discerning fry aficionado.

While our guide to Boise’s best French fries is by no means exhaustive, it does present a lot of places to start exploring Boise’s culinary scene.

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