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From local events and the best patios to unwind to real estate market trends and home-buying tips, you are right where you need to be. Explore your curiosity and check the boxes of essential details when looking for the perfect place to call home. Grab your favorite beverage and enjoy a good read.
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Celebrating Small Business Saturday, the Heart of Our Communities!
Small businesses are the lifeblood our local economies and the heart and soul of our communities. Compared to their large-scale corporate counterparts, small businesses offer a certain intimacy and personal touch that can't quite be replicated. It’s more than a business; it’s a face to a name, a unique story...
Idaho’s Irresistible Allure: A Closer Look at Why Many Are Making It Their New Home
Why Idaho is Becoming the New Home for Many In the last several years, Idaho has seen a significant surge in newcomers, many of whom hail from states like California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and Arizona. But what’s the appeal? Why are so many people trading the sun-soaked beaches of California or the majes...
November Sun & Grateful Hearts
November is a time of transition, where fallen leaves pave the way for winter's arrival. It’s a time when the community comes alive with a stronger sense of togetherness. It's a month where the significance of “home" extends beyond your four walls, becoming a space of reunion, gratitude, and celebration...
How to Do Fall in Idaho
Before our winter decides to make her presence known, we still have time to experience and enjoy all that fall has to offer! From foliage-filled road trips to exploring ghost towns and sipping seasonal ciders– the Gem State is the perfect place to indulge in the autumn vibe! Spooktacular Spaces &...
National Financial Planning Month: Your Guide to Homeownership
October is more than just pumpkin spice lattes and spooktacular activities; it's also National Financial Planning Month. This month provides an opportune moment to assess, strategize, and prepare to achieve one's life goals, and for many, one of life's most significant goals is buying a house.At the Mike Brown G...

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