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Boise area Among Most Pet-Friendly in the Nation

For many of us, pets are important parts of our families, providing companionship and stress-relief, especially during these interesting times.

Wallethub has released a new study that places Boise among the most pet-friendly cities in the nation.

Boise ranked 13th in the nation among the nation’s 100 largest cities. The research took into account the average Pet Budget, the Pet Health and Wellness, and the Outdoor Pet Friendliness Rank.

The dimensions mentioned above were evaluated using 25 relevant, weighted metrics. Pet Budget included vet care and dog insurance. Pet Health and Wellness included vets per capita, pet businesses per capita, and animal trainers per capita, to name a few. Outdoor pet-friendliness took into account weather, dog parks per capita, and walk score as a few examples.

The report said that Boise tied for having the most dog parks per capita with New York, San Francisco, Portland, Las Vegas, and Henderson, Nevada. As a result, Boise ranked third in the study for its Outdoor Pet Friendliness rank. The city was bested only by Las Vegas and Madison, WI, who came in numbers one and two, respectively.

Boise found itself in the middle of the pack in terms of Pet Health and Wellness, coming in 52nd in the nation, well behind San Diego. Boise was in the top third for Pet Budget rank, landing 31st on the list, behind Durham, NC, which ranked 1st.

The top five cities for pet-friendliness were Tampa, FL, Austin, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Orlando, FL, and Seattle, WA ranked numbers one through five, respectively.

While certainly not scientific, the Wallethub study shows the affinity the area has for its pets. It also shows that there are growth opportunities when it comes to loving our pets and providing services and activities for them.

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