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Design Trends seen in the Spring Boise Parade of Homes

A week ago, the annual tradition known as the Boise Parade of Homes kicked off with 30 of the area’s talented home builders showcasing their latest designs and home floor plans. Thousands of people attend the Parade of Homes every year to get design inspiration for their own homes or to possibly buy one of the participating properties.

This year, like other years, homes showcase inspired designs with new and upcoming design trends. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the trending design elements seen in this spring’s Boise Parade of Homes.

Spring Boise Parade of Homes Design Trends



Gorgeous architectural arch in the entry of the Biltmore Co. Parade of Homes Entry

Arches are a design element that creates an upscale look in today’s homes. They also open up spaces allowing them to be airier and inviting.

Biltmore Co.’s Parade of Homes entry, “The Lauryn,” has several rooms that showcase arches. From the grand entrance to the butler’s pantry, arches play a principal role in the home’s design, highlighting the artesian craftsmanship and attention to detail necessary to construct each one.

Hidden Spaces


Ninety Degree Construction’s “Trinity”

No one likes unsightly spaces, especially when it comes to storage. While under-stair storage has become commonplace in today’s multi-story homes, designers have explored other ways to address storage necessity.

Ninety Degree Construction and Biltmore Co. came up with novel ways to “hide” some of the storage areas in their homes.

Ninety Degree Construction created a “hidden pantry” in their “Trinity” floor plan, where it’s still accessible from the kitchen, but it is in disguise unless you know it’s there. The entry to the pantry matches the kitchen cabinets, creating a visually seamless wall of cabinets. It blends in so well that the pantry could almost double as a security room for valuables.

The Pantry in Ninety Degree Construction’s “Trinity”

Biltmore Co. solved the storage dilemma by creating a storage room above the garage and accessible via the theater room. The space is ample, but it has lower ceilings so that it wouldn’t be conducive for a living area. However, for storage, it’s a sizeable out-of-the-way space that is configurable in various ways.

Outdoor Living


Ninety Degree Construction’s “Trinity”

Many of the Parade Homes feature enhanced outdoor living spaces. There is a clearly defined move to the outdoors from outdoor kitchens to dining rooms and living spaces. Perhaps the areas were meant to provide an outdoor refuge in response to the pandemic. Regardless, the expertly designed spaces offer a way for homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of their abodes.

Both houses represented by The Mike Brown Group feature outdoor fireplaces and ceiling fans that provide comfortable gathering areas. TVs can play a prevalent part in the outdoor space as well, as there are protected locations on the patios of both homes where TVs can be mounted.

Lots of Natural Light


Biltmore Co. “The Lauryn”

Windows, windows, and more windows seem to be the mantra of this year’s Parade Homes. Since people are spending more time in their homes, it makes sense to utilize natural light as much as possible. Many of the houses boast large and plentiful windows, bathing rooms in abundant sunlight.

Using natural light to illuminate the home can help reduce expenses for heating and lighting the house. The natural light is also suitable for a person’s mood.

Natural Textures


Ninety Degree Construction’s “Trinity”

In Ninety Degree Construction’s Parade Home, they have a couple of different rooms that use natural wall textures that add personality to their respective spaces. One room has floor-to-ceiling branches on the wall reminiscent of enjoying the great outdoors and camping among the trees.

Another room has embossed leaves in the paint, adding a delightfully tactile element to the wall treatments.

Open Cabinets


Biltmore Co. “The Lauryn”

Some of the homes on the tour have open cabinets displaying dishes or other items. In the Biltmore Co. Parade Home, designers used a gold mesh wire that allows people to see into the cabinets. It’s an excellent opportunity for the homeowner to showcase dishes or other trinkets stylishly.

Tall Entrances

Many of the homes in this year’s Spring Parade of Homes have exceptionally tall and grand entrances. The Biltmore Co. home has a grand, two-story foyer that greets people as they enter the house.

The Trinity by Ninety Degree Construction boasts a 20-foot-tall entry that creates an impressive visual as people approach and enter the home.

Natural Wood


Ninety Degree Construction’s “Trinity”

Many of the Parade Homes feature natural wood elements that add a touch of rustic charm to their appearances. From exposed beams in family and great rooms to wooden frame garage doors to intricate woodcraft, the use of natural wood helps enhance the design of the homes and gives a subtle acknowledgment to the outdoors Idaho is known for. The wood also helps highlight particular parts of the houses, helping to direct the eye to focus areas.

Ninety Degree Construction uses exposed beams in the recessed areas of the ceilings of its Parade Home, adding a natural touch to a number of the rooms that provide an understated elegance.


Biltmore Co. “The Lauryn”

The Biltmore Co. home has paneled refrigerators as well as a custom range hood that features natural wood. This home’s garage doors are also gorgeously crafted in wood. The master suite also has a beautiful accent wall crafted with wood that showcases the knots and gives the room an attractive focal point.

The Last Word

As we’ve mentioned, the Parade of Homes is a great way to see new and inspirational design elements in today’s modern new construction homes. As new home builders are constantly working toward discovering trends to include in their homes, the Parade of Homes provides homeowners a front-row seat into the laboratories of these builders. Many visitors to the Parade houses leave with ideas they can use in their own homes.

The Parade of Homes happens twice a year and provides an excellent opportunity to get inspired, or perhaps, find your next dream home. The builders who participate are very passionate about what they do, as it is evident in the craftsmanship and attention to detail featured in every home.

The spring edition of the Boise Parade of Homes continues through May 9.


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