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A Look at Boise Media

Boise, Idaho, has nearly cracked the top 100 media markets in the U.S., coming in at number 101 according to theNielsen DMA Rankings for 2021. Between 2020 and 2021, the Boise designated marketing area (DMA) saw an increase of about 50,000 homes, nearly a 20% increase year-over-year. The DMA moved up one position in the rankings.

As people continue to move to Idaho, the state and its cities will continue to see its DMA positioning increase. As more people move to the area, demand for media will rise, and perhaps more media outlets will move to the area to serve the region.

If you’re an existing Idaho resident or are looking to relocate to the Boise area, we’ve put together a list of the various publications, T.V., and radio stations that serve the Treasure Valley and its residents.

Boise Radio Stations

KIDO Talk Radio – 580 AM and 107.5 FM News/Talk

KIDO is a talk radio station with a live and local political talk morning show with the station’s program director, Kevin Miller. The rest of the day is filled with syndicated programming featuring Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey, Sean Hannity, Lars Larson, Clyde Lewis, and George Noory.

670 KBOI – AM News/Talk (BSU Flagship)

The 50,000-watt voice of southwest Idaho is 670 KBOI. This station, owned by Cumulus, is a news and talk formatted station featuring a live and local morning show hosted by Mike Kasper and Chris Walton. Middays have the Rush Limbaugh Excellence in Broadcasting Network, followed by Ben Shapiro. The afternoon commute features a live and local talk with program director Nate Shelman. Mark Levin follows his show. Dan Bongino and Red Eye Radio round out the broadcast day.

670 KBOI is also the home of the Boise State Broncos for football and basketball game broadcasts.

89.5 KTSY – F.M. Religious

KTSY is a family-friendly, religious music station in Boise. The station is all about being a positive and uplifting influence to its listeners.

Boise Public Radio – 91.5 FM NPR

National Public Radio broadcast from the Boise State University campus.

Kissin’ 92.3 – F.M. Country

Owned by Cumulus, Kissin’ 92.3 is “Idaho Country,” playing today’s country hits.

93.1 The Ticket – F.M. Sports Talk

93.1 is southwest Idaho’s only sports talk station that features mostly syndicated content. Hosts include Jim Rome, Rich Eisen, and Zach Gelb, to name a few. The station does have a daily local show called, appropriately, “Idaho Sports Talk with Prater and The Ballgame” that talks about sports from an Idaho perspective. You can expect some Boise State chatter during the show as this station is a sister station to 670 KBOI.

94.9 The River – F.M. Adult Alternative

The River is a popular alternative music station here in Boise. Featuring local talent, the station is a popular listen in the area.

96.1 Bob FM – F.M. Pop/Rock/Variety

Bob FM plays what they want, which is an eclectic mix of music across generations. Bob FM has Rick and Carly in the mornings, and the rest of the day is D.J. Free.

96.9 The Eagle – F.M. Classic Rock

Home of “The Eagle Rock Girls” and “Bob and Tom” in the mornings, The Eagle is Boise’s home for classic rock.

Magic 97.9 – F.M. Adult Contemporary

Here’s a station that’s changed formats a few times in the past few years. Previously, it was a country station but recently rebranded as an adult contemporary station meant to compete against Lite FM.

X Rocks – 100.3 FM Rock

If you’re looking for a station that plays hard rock, you should know that the X Rocks. Playing today’s rock hits, the X plays rock that appeals to rock enthusiasts.

Wild 101 – 101.1 FM Dance/Party

It plays today’s popular dance and party hits.

The Bull 101.9 – F.M. Country

The Bull plays today’s country hits as well as some older favorites. It’s a top-rated country station here in the valley.

My 102.7 – F.M. Popular/Top 40

A station that plays “today’s pop hits,” My 102.7 is home to local personalities and one of the area’s top morning shows.

KISS FM – 103.5 FM – CHR

KISS FM is Contemporary Hit Radio, playing Top 40 hits for its listeners. The songs are well-known.

Wow Country 104.3 – F.M. Country

One of the legacy country music stations in the market, WOW, plays various current country hits.

Jack FM – 105.1 FM Variety

Recently flipping from a classic rock format to a “playing what we want” format, Jack plays music from various decades and is a competitor to BOB FM. Jack prides itself on the “experience” music provides listeners.

Mix 106 – 105.9 FM Popular/Top 40

Playing today’s hit music, Mix 106 competes directly with My 102.7 and plays similar music. The station has a local morning show.

K-Hits – 107.1 FM Classic Hits

Playing the classic hits from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, K-Hits is the station for people longing to hear music from yesteryear.

Lite FM 107.9 – F.M. Adult Contemporary

During most of the year, Lite FM is an adult contemporary music station, playing softer hits from today and yesterday. Shortly after Thanksgiving, though, the station becomes Boise’s “official” Christmas Music station, playing non-stop Christmas and holiday music through the season.

Boise T.V. Stations

Boise Newspapers

Boise Local Magazines

The Last Word

While the Boise market isn’t a top media market, it is growing. The city offers a diverse collection of radio, T.V., and printed media for Boise area residents to consume. As the area continues to grow, more media outlets may become available for consumers to enjoy. Even as digital media becomes more commonplace, traditional radio, T.V., and print will still be necessary for a thriving community.

Every attempt was made to ensure this guide is accurate, and updates will be made as new information becomes available regarding what’s to come for the Boise media market. Stay tuned.

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