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Earth Day 2023!

With Earth Day approaching, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how we can care for our planet and the positive changes we can make in our daily lives that will preserve our beautiful state as well as the earth.

With at least 115 named mountain ranges and 93,000 miles of rivers and streams, it makes sense that Idaho is known as a scenic state. Home to a diverse wildlife population of over 300 species and almost 12 million acres of farmland– Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to take action. 

Ways to Nurture Idaho + Earth

Reduce your carbon footprint: Idaho has an abundance of open space and clean air, but that can quickly change with the increase of carbon emissions. Reduce your carbon footprint by driving less, carpooling, biking, or using public transportation.

You can switch to energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances or use renewable energy sources like solar or wind power.

Conserving water reduces the amount of energy used to pump, treat, and heat water, which can also lower your carbon footprint. Some ways to conserve water include fixing leaky faucets and taking shorter showers.

Use renewable energy. Have you ever considered installing solar panels or using renewable energy sources to power your home? You will reduce your energy bills, earn tax credits, and contribute to helping the environment. 

Support local farmers: Idaho has a thriving agricultural community, and supporting local farmers can help reduce the carbon footprint of your food.

Shop at farmer’s markets: Visiting farmer’s’ markets is a great way to support local farmers and buy fresh, locally-grown produce.

Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program: A CSA program allows you to receive a regular supply of locally grown produce directly from a farmer. You can find CSA programs in your area through local farms or online.

Support farm-to-table restaurants. Look for restaurants that source ingredients from local farms and support sustainable agriculture practices.

Volunteer on a local farm. Many local farms rely on volunteers to help with planting, harvesting, and other tasks. You can contact local farms to see if they need volunteer help.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle: Reduce the amount of waste you generate. Buy reusable products and avoid single-use items whenever possible. If you can’t avoid single-use items, recycle them properly.

Recycling materials like paper, plastic, glass, and metal results in less waste that end up in landfills, reducing the amount of pollution that can seep into groundwater and eventually make its way into lakes and rivers.

Recycling also reduces litter which is harmful to wildlife and pollutes our water sources.

Volunteer in your community: Participate in local clean-up events or volunteer for local conservation organizations. There are many ways to get involved in your community and positively impact the environment.

Idaho Rivers Volunteer

Teton Recycling

Ridge to Rivers

Educate others: Spread the word about environmental issues and ways to reduce our impact on the planet. Share tips with friends and family, and encourage them to make positive changes in their daily lives.

Plant trees and native plants: Idaho’s plant life is more than potatoes! By planting native trees and plants, you will reduce erosion, absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and provide a habitat for wildlife. Consider planting trees and native plants in your yard or volunteering with a local organization to plant trees in your community.

Native plants in this state tend to be very regional. This means you may have different native plants in Boise, for example, than in other parts of the state. Always check with local nurseries or plant experts in your zone to help you know which plants are best.

Use environmentally friendly products: Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products, personal care items, and other household goods that are free of harmful chemicals.

Consider adopting earth-friendly cleaning practices from using microfiber towels to making your own cleaning solutions from products you likely already have in your home.

We love Idaho, our planet… and we know you love it too! Here are other ways to invest in our planet!

Pick up trash while you run, hike, and bike.

Switch to reusable bags.

Switch to online billing.

Turn off the lights.

Support organic ingredients.

Buy local food.

Grown an organic garden.

Use a reusable bottle.

Skip plastic; buy glass or paper products.

Restoring our wild spaces and living more sustainably has never been more important, and we hope every Idahoan will work to be part of the solution. Learn more ways you can invest in our planet at

Happy Earth Day!


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