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Idaho Strongman Championships

May 11 @ 10:00 am


MAY 11, 2024

Expo Idaho Fairgrounds: North Expo



ALL athletes are required to attend weigh-ins.


Friday, May 10th –> 8am-10am at Iron Legacy Barbell

  • Iron Legacy Barbell – 5143 N Glenwood Rd Garden City, ID 83714


Friday, May 10th –> 4pm-6pm at Expo Idaho Fairgrounds North Entrance


Rules Meeting: Saturday, May 11th @9am

Doors will open to athletes/coaches at 8am and spectators at 9am.


Event weights are subject to change.

Total of $3800 in Prize Money!



Axle Clean and Press Away

Athletes will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps overhead as possible. One clean and press away from rack position. Belt cleans are allowed. Split jerks, push jerks, push press, and strict press are all allowed. You may clean more than once if you want. Grip shirts are allowed as long as they are not strongman corporation. Athletes are not allowed to dump the bar from the overhead position or they will be zeroed in the event. The axle must be lowered with control.


Max Deadlift

Wessels rules. Athletes will have 3 attempts at a max deadlift with 60 seconds to complete the lift each attempt. Athletes will have 60 seconds to lock the deadlift out. If you fail an attempt during the 60 seconds and have time left you may attempt the weight again. If athlete fails an attempt completely then they are done regardless of how many attempts they have done. Hitching is allowed. NO SUMO. Approved gear: belt, knee sleeves, straps.  NO deadlift suits, NO tacky. Women will have a 20 lb jump, men 50.


Fingals Finger

Athletes will have 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible on the finger. Athletes will start with hands on the finger and must lift overhead and walk it up until it falls to the other side. Athletes will then run to other end and repeat until the time is done. For a rep to count it must be completely pushed over to the opposite side and hit the mat. Belts, wrist wraps, elbow sleeves, are all allowed. No tacky or additional stick may be used. Only chalk.

We are using a points system for some of the novice women, open lightweight women, & teen divisions. Each clean of the fingals finger will count for one point, and a complete rep will count for three points.


Conans Wheel

Athlete will have 60 seconds to complete as many rotations with the wheel as possible. Athletes must hold the end of the wheel arm in the elbows. Athletes may NOT use their belt to rest their arms on. No grip shirts on this event. Best distance wins and make sure you have good grip at the start as once it is picked up if it is dropped the turn is over.


Atlas Stone Over Bar

Athletes will have 60 seconds to load the atlas stone over bar for as many reps as possible. Tacky and tacky towels are allowed. No grabbing the yoke to get the stone over the bar. Bar heights are 50 inches for men and 46 inches for women.

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