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Idaho Among Top States for Wine Consumption, Not so for Beer

In what should come as welcome news for Idaho’s growing wine country, a recent study by Vine Pair shows that Idaho consumes the most wine per capita in the nation – more than even California and Oregon. These two states have renowned wine regions.

According to the study, Idaho residents drink 1.2 gallons of wine per capita. The next closest state to Idaho in terms of consumption is in New Hampshire, consuming .84 gallons of wine per capita. As an aside, Washington, D.C., was second on the list, consuming 1.02 gallons of wine per capita.

Not surprisingly, the more populous states rank higher in terms of total gallons consumed – drinking the most wine overall. California, Florida, New York, Texas, and Illinois were in the top five for total gallons of wine consumed. Idaho found itself in the top half of states, checking in at number 24, with 13.2 million gallons of wine consumed.

In a separate study, Idaho’s beer consumption ranks toward the bottom, which is surprising given the number of craft breweries that are opening in Idaho, especially in Boise and Garden City. In that report, Idaho tied for 44th with Arkansas and Rhode Island in terms of consumption per capita. Our mountain west neighbor to the north, Montana, ranked second in beer consumption per capita.

Like the wine consumption study, total gallons of beer consumed was in the more populous states, with the top four once again, including California, Texas, Florida, and New York. The fifth position, which included Illinois for wine consumption, has Pennsylvania for total beer consumed. Idaho was ranked 43rd for total gallons of beer consumed. Interestingly, Utah drank more beer than Idaho.

Both reports illustrated a burgeoning wine and beer industry in Idaho and continued opportunities for growth. With the state’s wine country growing and producing a quality product, it’s no wonder we here in Idaho enjoy our wine. And suffice to say, as more breweries open here and develop quality products, beer consumption will also increase.


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