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Idaho Sled Hockey

Established in 2022, the Idaho Sled Hockey Association has profoundly transformed the lives of the disabled. After a life-altering injury, Founder Sean Sexton faced an uncertain future, but getting into a sled allowed him to reconnect with himself and discover a new sense of purpose. Through his passion to embrace his new life, Sean embodies the spirit of hope by cultivating a community of new beginnings and endless possibilities.

Idaho Sled Hockey brings people with and without disabilities together in an effort to educate, train, motivate, and encourage. Through the game of hockey, participants develop the self-confidence to adjust to their new life.



The Project

To educate, heal, and empower.

Through education, the broader community will be enlightened by Idaho Sled Hockey and disability sports.

By harnessing the power of hockey, individuals with disabilities are guided to build self-confidence, adapt to their new lifestyle, and expand self-reliance.

Bringing individuals with disabilities and those without empowers the awareness of existing challenges and fosters the spirit of teamwork.

To learn more and to get involved go to or you can donate here.



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