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Maddie Ceglecki
Graphic Designer
Maddie Cegllecki

Maddie Ceglecki joins the Mike Brown Group as a graphic designer, assisting the marketing team with promoting homes for our clients and communities.
She describes herself as artistic, funny, and empathetic. Her colleagues would add that she's a natural leader and a great collaborator. She prides herself on her optimism and her willingness to ask lots of questions to understand a project. Maddie is also incredibly creative and resourceful.

When she's not working, she enjoys partaking in a variety of activities. She likes hiking, being with friends, journaling, and creating her own artwork. She also enjoys taking her dog to dog parks, playing board and yard games with friends, and sitting on the river.

On Sunday mornings, she starts the day with a cup of coffee and cuddling with her dog. Shortly thereafter, she'll get ready to go on a hike.

Since joining the team, she's exploring opportunities to invest in real estate.

She pursued her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design as she admits she's a creative soul who likes making things.

Maddie hopes to someday visit the Redwoods in California and is looking forward to hugging one. If she could be anywhere right now, she'd be visiting one of the nation's amazing national parks. But for now, you'll find her using her creative talents to serve the team's agents and their clients.


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